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Setting Up Shadow & FAQ

What is Shadow?
Shadow is a Cloud Based Remote Gaming PC that is basically a Windows 10 PC you connect to via the internet.
It allows you to play as if you are on you Shadow PC.
It’s a subscription based service, with no tie in.
Shadow is available in France, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland (with Data Centers in Paris & California.)
Shadow is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS,  iOS & coming soon to Linux.
Shadow requires a minimum of 15mbps internet connection for a good experience.
There is latency/input lag with the service, this may differ from user to user based on their connection & setup. As such it may not be appropriate for everyone’s needs currently.
You Cannot use if for Mining.
Using a VPN can perturb your experience with Shadow.
The Service is Persistent, so your changes and setup for Shadow PC remain between sessions BECAUSE of that it’s worth setting it up fully & tweaking it for the best performance.

Subscribing & Setup
After Subscribing to Shadow (Use the Code BOREDGAMER for Discount)
Download the Shadow App on your Device from the Website (I recommend the Beta App)
OR from the Google Store for Android Devices
Run The App & Select the highest Bandwidth that is appropriate to you OR Auto Bandwidth.
H265 adds latency so always have this deactivated UNLESS you are very low bandwidth.

Press Start once you are ready & your Windows 10 environment will launch, you can set a password and treat it like you would your desktop PC.
You’ll need to download the latest Drivers, Windows Updates & Turn off a load of stuff for the best possible experience.

Other Useful Links
Main Shadow Website
Here is my Windows 10 Tweak Guide
Star Citizen Setup & Performance Guides
Frequently Asked Questions – Find out more info with the FAQs
Setup Guides & Help – Read these guide before setting up shadow & for basic troubleshooting
Latency Guide – You’ll want to get the latency and input lag as low as possible
Shadow Discord – This is the best place I have found for quick help and advice, tho I’d check the FAQ and Beginners Guides BEFORE jumping on.

How do I know if my PC/Laptop/Computer is compatible with Shadow?
Shadow uses H264 and HEVC (H265) encoding. H265 is optional and is ideal if you are in a low-bandwidth environment.
There is a tool in the works by BLADE-Group, that will allow users to test if they have support. But until then, anyone can use a nice tool called “DXVA Checker” to see if your GPU has H264 and H265 support.

How Much Does Shadow Cost?
It’s based on your country & is per month
UK – £26.95 / US – $34.95

What Hardware do Shadow Machines Run?
CPU – INTEL XEON 8 dedicated threads
GPU – NVIDIA GTX 1080 or equivalent
They are constantly upgrading the Hardware of the Shadow Environments and iterating on their Shadow Software.