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Star Citizen Ship Tracker

Known Ship Schedule

These Charts are by YT-O & Sebman – See the latest here

3.2 – June – RELEASED
Avenger Rework – Titan, Stalker & Warlock
600i – Explorer Variant
Hurricane Heavy Fighter
Eclipse Stealth Bomber
Vanduul Blade Light Fighter

3.3 – Sept – RELEASED
Cyclone Variants – TR, RC, AA & RN
Constellation Phoenix
Hammerhead Gunship
Mustang Rework – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega
Valkyrie Dropship
Arrow Light Fighter

3.4 – Dec – RELEASED
Freelancer Variants – DUR, MAX & MIS
Hawk – Light Bounty Hunter
600i Touring/Luxury Module

3.5 – March 2019
Constellation Taurus
300 Series Rework – 300i, 315p, 325a, 350r
Banu Defender – Escort Fighter
Reliant Variants – Mako, Sen, Tana
m50 & P52 Updates

3.6 – June 2019
890 Jump – Luxury Space Yacht
P72 Archimedes – Luxury Snub Ship

2018 Ships &  Concepts
Drake Vulture Small Salvage Ship
Herecules StarLifter – C2,M2 & A2 – Space To Ground Vehicle Transport
100 Series – 100i, 125a, 135c (Luxury/Longer Range Starter Ships)
Vulcan – Entry Repair, Rearm & Refuel Drone Ship
Kraken Scout Carrier
Mercury Medium Data & Cargo Runner
Valkyrie Drop Ship
Anvil Arrow Light Fighter – Straight to Flyable
AopoA San.Tok’Yai (Santokyai) Xi’An Medium Fighter

Potential Concepts / Ship Sales
Anvil F8C Civilian Version of the F8 Heavy Fighter
Drake Corsair Exploration Ship (Drake Version of the Constellation)
Cydnus Spider Miner
Titan ExoSuits
RSI Bengal Heavy Carrier
Pegasus Medium Carrier
Vanduul Esperia Converted Ships – Cleaver (Boarding Ship), Void Bomber, Driller (Capital Ship), Stinger (Heavy Fighter), Hunter Corvette
Re-Concepting the Redeemer Gunship
Lots of Potential Ground Vehicles

2019 Ships & Concepts
HeartSeeker F7C-M SuperHornet – Flyable Alpha 3.5
ARGO SRV – Concept

Current Concept Sale – ARGO SRV Tugboat / Tractor Beam Ship – Ends 4th March 2019