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Star Citizen News – Vanduul Sneak Peek

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News. Looking at a summary of the Roadmap Changes, Star Citizen Newsletter, RtV & other little pieces from the week ending the 14th of April.

Newsletter – 14th April
In this week’s Star Citizen Newsletter the primer reads

“Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.5 patch is almost here. Thanks to all the efforts the backers have shown in the PTU, the team is hard at work fixing critical bugs which are preventing the patch from going Live. The development stream’s been locked-down, so it shouldn’t be much longer until 3.5 hits the live servers.”

It’s time once again for a full progress report from our studios around the globe, detailing the development of the Persistent Universe throughout March.

Also this week: take a history lesson on the trend-setting designs of Casse Aerospace, set sail in the Drake Corsair, embrace adaptability with the Reliant series from MISC, and get the scoop on BritizenCon and Gamescom.”

I’ll link the whole newsletter in the description below if you want to look at any of that specifically.

Alpha 3.5 is still in PTU, though it is available to everyone we are still obviously waiting for the LIVE Build. The latest version is 3.5.0u & fixed a couple of issues

  • Commodity boxes should no longer lose interactions points if the player is running.
  • Player should no longer occasionally have their ship fail to explode upon critical damage, trapping them in the ship.
  • AI in swarm modes should function normally again.
  • Delivery missions should no longer occasionally become withdrawn when placing the delivery box in the locker.
  • Fixed 2 client crashes & a server crash.

There are still issues with ships spawning at Lorville in the ground, players getting stuck in  outposts, distances that QT points are showing & autopilot from no fly-zones.

The Servers & Performance seems pretty good in this patch & AI for me were much better than previous PTU patches. It is certainly pushing towards a LIVE build, which could drop as soon as the last of the known issues are cleared & they have confirmed that AI consistently work.

Changes on the PU & SQ42 Roadmap are pretty light this week.

For 3.6 (June’s Release) – Rest Stop Exterior Variations have seen a load of new tasks added. Work on the Law System v1 has started.

In the Roadmap Procedural Asteroids v2 has moved from 3.6 to 3.7.

For Squadron 42 Q2 there was many new tasks added for FPS Cover Usage & FPS Close Combat. Work has begun on the Player Status System. Procedural Asteroids v2 has moved to Q3 for SQ42.

Cloth Simulation for Q4 has seen additional tasks added.

The Bengal Carrier has had more work completed on it too at around 50% of it’s tasks now complete.


This week’s Sneak Peek was at the current look of the Vanduul Character Models

AtV is away this week and next BUT should be returning on the 25th April.

RtV talked about Environments of Alpha 3.5 & some potential bits and pieces for the future.

They are looking at making the scattering of rock as procedural and good looking as possible.

There is still a lot of work they want to do to city generation and improvements to ArcCorp and Lorville. Adding biome diversity and more architecture / ecosystems into the mix.

They are looking into adding some new superstructures & some other new builds soon.

They have a flat doughnut building they are excited for coming after 3.5.

It’s something you’d see from quite high up on ArcCorp, apparently from space.

Habs will be evolving to allow for full persistence in the future and various customization options. They want to have amazing views and windowed areas from some habs in the future too.

We will start to see cargo stations around planets, these being useful for larger ships to dock with and load/unload cargo BUT also provide other ships a quicker turnaround rather than landing at a major LZ / planet.


The Monthly Report is out, I’ll get a break down of that up later today.

Subscribers have the ability to purchase the Drake Buccaneer until April 15th.

The Drake Corsair is also still on Concept Sale until the 22nd of April.

BritizenCon is a Star Citizen fanfest on the 27th of April in Manchester UK at The Museum of Science and Industry. Various CI devs will be there, there will be panels, exhibitors such as JR Fabrication. I shall be there also! Tickets are available here.