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Star Citizen May 2020 Channel Update

Welcome to a Star Citizen & BoredGamer Channel Update for May 2020.

The Giveaway Winner for the Cutlass Black & SC Gamepackage in April 2020 was Jon Jackson Congratulations.

For May we have a New Giveaway for an Anvil Arrow Light Fighter & Game Package. 

3.9 LIVE went live BUT there was a lot of Problems for the release with Service Outage & Disruption causing more knock on effects in the PU beyond new patch teething issues.

Fixes for PU Services Disruption are ongoing but is causing some players to have issues with: Crashing, Connectivity, Database Problems like missing ships, aUEC & items.

Some of these issues can be solved in the short term by resetting your character via the RSI Website… It will only help with certain issues I’ll link the full info down below.

There is a lot coming in May 2020 for Star Citizen.

The New Theatres of War Game Mode is getting it’s first tests in the form of a weekend playtest in May, we should have details of this soon. How limited the playtest is remains to be seen.

I am very much looking forward to this, it is a bit detached from the PU major patch releases and has had a team working on it for quite a while, as I understand it, this will be a test bed for some of the more PU FPS Combined Arms and Base Assault type gameplay that we might see in the future in a fast paced more arcadey ecosystem.

Fleet Week should be starting somewhen in May (most likely this week coming). It will see some promotions potentially being a ship sale, expect more military styled ships with some interesting skins, interestingly the F8C is rumored to be part of this sale in some form… tho it is just a rumor it could see the F8C in game or on sale or used for advertising. It’s a interesting point of controversy as I believe CI originally said that they weren’t going to sell it BUT maybe they will? It’s will be available in game at some point.

Other things as part of Fleet Week is a FreeFly, though it might be in CI’s interest to delay that to the weekend or later IF they haven’t solved their Service Disruption Issue.

3.9 Content Plans

There is a variety of content I want to cover with 3.9 no LIVE.

Guides on How to make aUEC. 

How each of the mechanics works in more detail.

How each of the current in game roles / professions plays / how to do them.

Mining, Cargo Hauling…

Gameplay of Missions and Planned Events…

I’d like to do full loops of Criminal Gameplay and the Counter Missions… see what it’s like to be hunted after escaping prison.

Multi-crew a Carrack and explore around the Verse, doing all the missions.

Arrange some fleet battles.

There is quite a lot of content in 3.9 and I have a bit more manpower to cover it. 

I think I will update the Ship Buyer’s Guides after the next major patch… as in 3.10 or whatever they will call it, is planned to have some quite big Ship Combat & UI Updates that I think will be more appropriate to then do an Updated Ship Buyers Guide

We should be seeing a bit of an Update to the Roadmap with 4.0 becoming 3.10 probably… and them saving the 4.0 moniker for when Pyro is added. I hope we will see a bit more of an update to the Roadmap at the same time.

Brian Chambers should be updating us at some point soon with Squadron 42 too they are planning on giving us regular updates on SQ that were different than before. 

I want to do a lot more in game Streaming at some point not just talking Star Citizen and answering question but also playing live… we need a stable 3.9 also ToW… once that’s in our hands I think streaming that regularly might be a good shout.

Zinya is currently learning how to edit in adobe premiere, how star citizen and it’s cameras work. She’ll be working with me in the future properly BUT you’ll see her work in some videos soon and joining me on streams.

In the short term I am planning to get her to help me make More Guides, do More Gameplay, doMore Streams AND get Better Looking & Edited Videos.

Recently I updated to the Beta version of Adobe Premiere and refined my pipeline, this was a byproduct of showing zin how I currently edit… this should save me a couple of hours a video!

I am going to be looking at a Ryzen 3950x later this month and how they scale with SC THIS should also allow me to get better footage and further reduce rendering times.

I need to replace my microphone stand as well… my shock mount and stand kinda of collapsed.

The Channel itself is doing reasonably well surprisingly, it’s still growing, the month delay with 3.9 and a rocky launch still hasn’t overly hampered it… Youtube Monetization is down about 40% though which is pretty rough BUT it’s all still within viable limits… I will adapt, expand and ride out the Lockdown. And that’s it really we are in the midst of Lockdown CI are working from home, the world is a bit different and it is strange BUT gaming & socializing online is very much needed now. If you are going a bit stir-crazy or need to reach out then join an org or say hi on my discord… if you are doing fine and have some free time, reach out to another human and say hi or check in with them.

Health wise I am doing well I think, I am back on my diet BUT as I write this I might order an Ice Cream Sundae… I had a really bad back recently… a pinched nerve maybe… but I did loads of back stretches I saw online and it’s fixed it MAYBE QUESTION MARK.

My Dad is doing well, he is on Steroids and some experimental Immuno-Therapy for his Cancer that seems to of really helped.

I recently put a Stair Lift in the house that’s helped my parents while we are looking after my father here.

I do want to get the Org & SC Spotlight series started again, so feel free to link your orgs and a quick sales pitch for them in the comments below. I’ll get zin to go through them and pick a couple to cover in the next couple of weeks. Also if there is any cool apps or resources that you think deserve looking at then call them out too.

Some other stuff

I did grab a load of Ave Helmets as well for something at some point as well… 

My internal debate of – Do you think my channel benefits from me being in the Evocati and getting to play patches early OR would you prefer me to leave and then cover the patch leaks? There are lots of other channels that do so I suppose it’s not necessary xD 

If CI offer me ships for giveaways should I accept them?

My current thinking is Stay in evo as it allows me to get an understanding of a patch AND I suppose shows CI potentially that I am happy to conform to NDAs… I suspect there will be opportunities in the future for more office tours and the like.

With ships I have respectively refused them anytime they have been offered, more to be able to reply to people that call me a shill ONLY FOR MYSELF and MY CHANNEL… But that might be dumb… I’m dumb..

I thought I’d bring that up again because the month of delay in 3.9 meant that a lot of people were asking me to cover the leaks.