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Star Citizen November BoredGamer Channel Update

Welcome to a Star Citizen November BoredGamer Channel Update, what are we looking forward to this month content wise, who won the MSR Giveaway? What are we giving away in November. November may be the Hypest of month for SC 2020. 

We had a Giveaway of a MSR in October and the winner of that drawn from the Comment is POTUSChad Congrats! 

For November we have a New Giveaway again for a Mercury Star Runner. All you need to do to be in for a chance to win is comment on any of my videos made during November 2020. A random video will have a random commenter selected from it. 

We know who the Imperator is, it’s Laylani Addison the woman that will bring us swift AI based death at the hands of skynet… and the candidate that I voted for whoooo! She is pro-AI, science and education and it will be interesting to see how this choice will affect the Lore and story of Star Citizen’s PU moving forward. 

Something I did want to mention about Star Citizen’s Funding in October was, it was pretty “weak” because of 2 things No Real CitizenCon and on the 3rd party funding tracker $2million was removed… which was a bit odd… this could of been an error, refunds, a correction… so it was artificially a “bad” month due to that. 

If there is any more info on why that was removed I’ll slot it in future news. I just noticed that at least $600k was re-added… so maybe there are some errors in some of the data. That said the month still made $1.6m and would of made $3.1m without the missing monies. 

New For November 

From the 20th of November we have the IAE. This is at New Babbage, microTech. 

This is likely going to be the highlight of 2020 for Star Citizen and runs all through to December 2nd. 

There is a freefly, in game expo hall and event, ships on sale each date. 

We will see new ships too and there might be a range of other surprises too. 

Each day of that Expo me and zinya will be visiting the hall, seeing what’s available and reporting back! 

We’re cover the new ships with a ship buyers guide. 

And get involved with any other events that are going on too. 

It’s going to be a busy time! 

The Teaser we have for the IAE is currently this picture. 

2950 Surprises

I thought originally that the left and right might have been the RSI Gunship we have been talking about and the centre one the Nomad. SCLeaks have suggested that the Nomad might be the left, MSR middle and Gunship on the Right. I am interested to know what you think! 

We are also getting a 3.11.1 patch, potentially at the same time but this will have some bug fixes BUT more excitingly the Mercury Star Runner which is one of my fav ships! The Patch is currently with the Evocati but we should see a wider PTU of that soon. 

So what have we got for you to tide you over until that 3.11.1 patch and the IAE. 

We are planning to feature Rogue Squadron a Star Citizen Org on our spotlight. They are pvp and meta oriented and I thought it would be worth talking to them about that and what they do to help with SC’s Development as players. 

We are going to have our regular news and summaries: 

Dev Responses with the very active Chad McKinney answering questions seem to be an almost weekly occurrence too.  

ISC is going to be covering 3.12 content and beyond and I look forward to see what they have got to show.  

There have been lots of Idris and AI Combat Features added to 3.12 and we will be talking about that a lot. 

I want to do a bit of a deeper dive into Death of a Spaceman / Permadeath. 

We’ll get a quick start guide for 3.11.1 and the IAE. 

We need to get a state of the game out too. 

We should also later this week have a Monthly report for the PU and SQ42… they are hugely informative and it’s possible we could get the “New Roadmaps” later this month too. DONT expect to see 3.13 and details of the Q1-3 Patches for 2021 until we have those new roadmaps BUT we will certainly see changes for the Q4 2020 3.12 patch over the coming weeks. 

I was hoping to do some CyberPunk 2077 content this month BUT the game has been delayed to December and I say CDProjectRed should take the time they need to get a polished first day release out. I want to play it BUT I want them to have it ready! 

We live in an interesting world currently… the UK has gone back into national lockdown for at least November. BoredGamer is in a good place, me and zin work from home, and zin seems to have learnt the basics of Star Citizen and Editing pretty well now. 

She has also just recovered from Covid and is doing well! 

I am not sure if the UK studio will be further affected by the lockdown BUT they are very able to work from home too fortunately. 

My Dad is doing really well as well, thank you for all the kind words! 

If you want to do something to help or are struggling, reach out to someone, say hi, see how they are doing, say that you are struggling or bored, some people are doing fine others not so much. 

I am planning on building a Star Citizen & Content Creation based PC with some of the new hardware that’s being released. That should take place in the next few weeks. I think I want to get some peoples tags/names engraved on that… that have really supported the channel, with that in mind. 

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