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Star Citizen – Idris Vs Idris

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, the Idris-M Frigate Capital Ship is currently in game as a ship that NPCs use as security for the most dangerous groups of pirates and as part of the Arlington Gang Mission allowing lawful players to take one on too.

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The Idris is a mighty massive ship and incredibly tanky.

Though it’s main role is to serve as a home base for a wing of fighters and provide fire support for them AND it doesn’t really make use of that function currently.

In Star Citizen now it’s an extremely tough target with currently the most deadly weapon in the game in it’s nose mounted RailGun. Killing most ships with a single shot.

Some People panic when they are shot at by it… others… act as if they haven’t even noticed… you can’t teach that…

But players are stealing these unstealable non-player ready Idris and using them in game!

So basically you can glitch into the bridge and then access the pilot console there.

Even tho it’s supposed to be locked out and there isn’t a proper interior to the Idris.

People have glitched in by wiggling in the corners/edges of bits of the ship, being pushed in by the physics grid of another and even using emotes to laydowns and push thru walls.

I had someone tell me that they used the tractorbeam as well to push thru the ship somehow as well but I am less sure of that one…

The Idris will shoot at enemy targets with it’s AI/NPC turrets… basically it’s still an NPC ship… with you in control. Which is a good sign that NPC/AI turrets have a good future they just need to be coded correctly to take player orders and all attack / focus on certain targets while also probably being a little more lightweight on the code side… at least it looks that simple from my cosy armchair of development.

More over you can fire the Railgun which gives you the power of the Gods. To smite any large ships you dislike OR other Idris. Because that’s what you can do… 2 people can Steal and Idris and then you can fight them OR you can go attack the Idris in the Arlington Gang Mission and make it a fair fight!

This video was mainly an excuse to use some amazing Idris fighting footage. Nargosvoge… I call him Nargo… he turned up on my stream the other day with an Idris let me have a look around AND then later I found out they were with Jorunn and the Walkers of Sigma having little Idris battles! Legends! So credit to them for a lot of this footage, links below… also checkout Morpholigis on Youtube and Stream… he is a class act! 

This is exactly what I want to see in game as well, players breaking into more content and having fun.

BUT THATS NOT ALL… you can store the Idris at the Largest of Hangars apparently and recall it!?! That’s terrifying and cool. Terrifying as I know some people will be collecting them already…

That said we don’t know when CI will close that loop hole IT IS NOT intended for players to be able to steal and store the Idris yet BUT players always find a way! I would expect they will for 3.12.1 / the XenoThreat update coming real soon… but it’s possible they wont…