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Star Citizen 3.12.1 XenoThreat Issues

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, the latest XenoThreat PTU Patches are Causing Issues…. The latest Star Citizen 3.12.1f Open PTU had some issues with it’s initial deployment causing mass 30ks and just being pretty much inaccessible. 

CI then put out a statement:

“We are spooling up a backup build, will take a few moments to get everything in place to replace this one.” 

AND now it’s all up a running HOWEVER this appears to be a stripped down version of the original patch. This Patch still needs some work for sure!

There are still 9 known issues that CI are still fixing from the previous 3.12.1e PTU as well. 

I’ve been looking through the comments of people trying out this build… it appears that some greif-y bois were knocking ships around when in the wreck fields to avoid criminal ratings but really disrupt the carrying of cargo. Tho I suspect that this also happens by accident.

What I am really looking for a live build is no desync… so in the e build I was often desyncing from my ship that would have it non-operational OR actually flying around but not where it appears to be for other players… this causes loads of issues… and had situations where zin could get in my ship at Jericho even tho it was in the wrecksite and teleport there… weird…

Also we were getting a lot of 30ks earlier but they seemed to have settled down now.

There are a few other things too… the occasional friendly fire during xenothreat… I think that should be auto forgiven unless you actively want to prosecute… i think if you aren’t in a party its default NOT FORGIVE.

I am interested to see what else CI will do to address pvp in the wrecksite gas cloud. Though the expansion of the “comm array” to cover it really helps.

I would like to see a pvp portion of this mission that maybe incentivises pirates and criminals to help xenothreat refuel OR attack the Javelin & Jericho every so often… BUT not the Wrecksite… for me that’s the main issue… people don’t want to get attacked in a mostly pve event in pvp when they are totally vulnerable and there is nothing they can do… and I don’t think that’s the type of pvp gameplay that pvpers want for the most part either… 

Let’s dig into these patch notes tho for 3.12.1f… redeployed.

  • Increased inventory and refresh rate of all shop items to reduce the frequency that items run out of stock
  • Increased the availability of prison repair missions
  • Made further optimizations to help with AI flight movement when server framerate is erratic

There are further Xenothreat mission changes

To avoid the mission community payouts being given to players with a crimestat, they will no longer be able to accept the mission and should a player gain a CrimeStat during the mission they will lose access to the mission until their CrimeStat is removed. Reduced value of Xenothreat supply goods with the update to the mission payout logic. Increased amount and type of Xenothreat support ships players need to destroy before the Idris retreats. Slowed down Xenothreat Idris retreat quantum travel event to avoid it looking like it despawns instead of retreating.

  • Turrets at rest stops now respawn correctly after being destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with extreme framerate drops when video is played in Phase 1 of Xenothreat
  • Fixed an issue causing the Xenothreat Idris marker to not go away when the ship retreats in Phase 2
  • Fixed an issue causing enemy AI ships to not engage players during the ‘Repel the Xenothreat’ stage of the mission
  • Fixed an issue causing the Javelin at Jericho to not regen its shields as intended
  • CRU-L5 quantum travel should no longer be obstructed from most planets and moons
  • Eclipse torpedo animation should now correctly play when firing
  • Fixed 2 Client & 1 Server Crash as well as a Main thread deadlock fix.

So as I said earlier the first “version” of this patch was causing issues and this is a stripped down version BUT expect another new build or 2 this week as they are keen to get players… playtesting these events!

And they need to fix the problems that still persist in prisons, desync, the mobiGlas breaking and general stability… because for this event they need a minimum of 3 hour stability… really… I want 3 hours of uninterrupted gameplay minimum to enjoy the event.

So there is still a little way to go IMO I would expect the LIVE build end of Next Week if all goes well… tho that is just my gut feeling.