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New Star Citizen Events Incoming – Are You Going To Get Involved?

Welcome to the star citizen news for the week ending the 22nd August, there is a load going on at the moment with events on now, some just about to start and a look forwards to the next major patch and medical gameplay too.

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3.14.1 is out with a load of fixes… there’s a Free Fly event on until the 27th of August and ships on sale too.

Sneak Peek

The Sneak peek this week is part of a shop coming to Orison in Alpha 3.15. Probably Cousin Crow’s Ship Customization Shop.

This Month in Star Citizen

The Ship Showdown starts on the 23rd of August, this has us players vote on our favorite ships, with the top 4 getting special skins made for them for free later and they can appear in best of show events later in the year too.

On the 25th of August the XenoThreat Event will return. It’s the updated version and it should be pretty sweet.

The Ninetails Lockdown is on the servers at the moment and will be running on and off for the foreseeable future.

There’s a Spectrum AMA on those Dynamic Events and more coming soon… 

And we will see a Talk Like a Pirate Day Sale and most likely competition later too.

Inside Star Citizen looked at a couple of major things.

Hospitals are coming with Alpha 3.15 as part of the game changing medical mechanics that are being phased in. Space Stations, GrimHex, Orison & New Babbage will be getting their facilities first with the other locations to follow later.

They also talked about the Gold Standard of Ships, basically being the best they can do with their current tech at the time, they’ve done the Gladius and Sabre and are working on the more complex (as it has an interior) Retailator. All Ships will be updated but they are focusing on Squadron 42 ones first. 

Star Citizen Live

They talked to 8 people from the Turbulent, the studio works on the webplatform, VOIP, spectrum and now gameplay area and the new star map. There is a whole studio effectively working on new star systems. Lots of their employees previously worked at Warner Bros or Ubisoft and one a wide variety of games.

They are building locations with future PCs/Hardware in mind as they want the game to look amazing at launch.

They are working on derelict ships as points of interest for missions, looting, exploration and more. There may be chances for epic tier loot spawning and puzzles to do as well.

They are doing some great work at Turbulent for the Star Citizen Universe.

Boom, that’s it for the week’s news. If you’d like to see any of those topics in more detail checkout my other videos on my youtube channel