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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 Out Now – What You Need To Know

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 is now Live, it brings various new features, events to get involved with, there are ship sales going on to. We highlight the important parts of the update and tell you what you need to know about this new patch and how to access those new features and gameplay areas.

For returning players there has been a Persistence Wipe of any aUEC, ships ect… you had earned in game.

However your Reputation has been copied over and not reset. Moreover CI have given players a Stipend of extra credits based on the amount of hours you played the previous patch for. You’ll also kept all of your ships and stuff bought with real money, there is another planned Wipe for Alpha 3.18 later in the year.

Server Population Caps are up from 50 players to 100. Tho they are monitoring and scaling this as necessary. They are likely going to run the Siege of Orison Events with less due to balance.

The Siege of Orison is one of the major highlights of this patch BUT How do you participate in Siege of Orison? Just take the priority mission from your mobiGlas when you are nearby Crusader when the event is happening. It’s always worth taking the Call to Arms mission to for some extra credits when taking out NineTails Outlaws.

You’ll want to travel to Orison and then go to the top of the Crusader Showroom Building.

You’ll be able to take a shuttle to the event and combat site.

You’ll battle your way across 3 platforms (solinki, brushwood and hartmoore) where you’ll need to find and take out a nine tails lieutenant on each and then search their body for a code that can be used to open supply crates, one of these will have the AA controls for that platform and you can turn them off.

After you’ve dealt with them you’ll need to use the ships that are on top of buildings around those platforms to assault the Admin Centre… it’s AA turrets will be up, so coordinated attacks or quick drop offs are advised. Once you take out the lieutenant there you can storm the docked cargo barge, take down the BBEG mendo ren and then find and turn off the IFFI that’s causing all the trouble. Until that IFFI is down, ships can’t be brought in from outside the mission area as it’s a no fly zone.

That also means if you run out of ships and haven’t got anyone on the admin platform it’s GG. Bring Meds, help other players, it’s a group event and you can see friendly tags above friendly’s for the most part, there are Crusader Security around too… so be careful not to shoot them.

The New Siege of Orison & Jumptown Dynamic Events are scheduled over the next couple of weeks and will be running full days (24hrs) on their days, this & next weekend we have the siege both days. During the week on 1, 3,5,7 & 9 of August you’ll have jumptown and on the 2,4,6 & 8th you’ll have Siege. They switch over at midnight UTC.

New Features & How to access them

You can access new locations, reclaimers and colonial outposts via various mobiGlas Missions. From Delivery, Investigation to Mercenary with both legal and illegal flavours.

Derelict Reclaimers are both on the ground and in space and there is a special settlement one called Ghost Hollow which also involves bounty hunter missions. 

There are also 5 colonial outposts which along with Ghost Hollow are on MicroTech and you can find them pretty easily with delivery missions.

These new areas make use of Drop Ship AI, that can come in on Cutlasses to drop off troops and reinforce appropriate areas and the planetary nav mesh enables AI guards and reinforcements to move around these locations and track the player on the ground.

There is a racetrack the snake pit at Clio, nothing gameplay enforced tied to it but players organise races there.

There are new Illegal Delivery Missions from Red Wind, you will sometimes get very dangerous dodgy missions from them when your reputation is high enough. Not all there missions are illegal tho. 

There are Friendly markers for Players and AI associated with your current FPS Mission are awesome and for things like the Siege of Orison ESSENTIAL.

Various new items and gear have been added to loot pools.

There are 8 new space stations, all stations have had new hangars added.

GrimHex has had a hospital expansion.

Combat Service Beacon Missions now have a scale of difficulty and more diversity with the easiest being recommended for beginners and the top end ones might have you going up against an Idris so maybe bring friends.

There are various QoL updates for purchasing and kiosk interaction.

There is a new Price of Freedom Mission variant around Crusader.

Turrets have had some turning speed changes with their weight/size being taken into account.

You can store loose cargo in the Mustang Alpha’s cargo area.

The Rail Gun is extra deadly now.

There have been netcode updates making jitter and jankiness significantly less for AI and Players.

There are a massive amount of bug and exploit fixes for this patch.

There are some Major Known Issues that I want to highlight:

  • Unable to party launch with friends
  • If you have a 30k you may have to restart the game.
  • Targeting pip may be missing or disappear for some players
  • Ships floating in the hangar when stored with the engines left on then retrieved again
  • The Khartu-al spawns on the hangar floor sideways
  • Shield Holes – Weapon fire penetrates shields when ships are moving
  • While docked to a Starfarer multiple vehicle types will continuously tilt
  • The Argo Raft’s elevator controls cannot be interacted with from either deck
  • Medical beacon does not complete mission/payment when player is brought back from incapacitation
  • UGF Missions are sometimes missing NPC spawns to complete the mission
  • Weapons can randomly holster or un-holster
  • Items may disappear between sessions
  • Ships on landing pads end up in “unknown state” after being stored or streamed out.
  • Turrets around bunkers respawn very quickly, sometimes almost instantaneously

CI are likely going to deploy some hotfixes for those over the next couple of weeks to address those where possible.

There is a Ship & Vehicle Sale for 3.17.2 currently running From ships that are available during the Siege Of Orison mission to vehicles and ships useful for assaulting the ground at Jumptown there are a few on sale for the release of alpha 3.17.2.

Hercules C2 & A2, Ares Ion & Inferno , Buccaneer, Pisces, Arrow, Gladius, Vanguard Warden Valkyrie, MSR Cutlass Black & Steel and a load of ground vehicles too.

I saw the Hammerhead here and it’s shown in the media for the Siege… I didn’t see one when I was testing the Siege so, maybe it’s new or maybe it’s just I hadn’t seen it, after you’ve taken out the IFFI maybe then you could bring one in.

The New Centurion is also on sale from $95… it’s a AA Vehicle based on the Ballista Chassis and goes for lots of energy pew pew. The vehicle is straight to driveable in this patch.