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Console Commands & USER.cfg Guide

USER.cfgs allow you to input settings that are run automatically at launch, alternatively you can enter them in the console.
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Here is my pre-made 3.2.1 Alpha USER RECOMMENDED.cfg That shows FPS, Memory Usage & Turns off AA* – Motion Blur off, V-Sync off & Shows FPS Info
Here is my current 3.2.1 Alpha USER PERFORMANCE.cfg That I use for Stability and Performance – Lower VRam Usage

Creating a USER.cfg / Where to Place it?
When you write a USER.cfg you need to Save a .txt document with the name USER.cfg, use notepad. Save or place it here:

  • INSTALL FOLDER\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE
  • Or if you are are on the PTU Servers (I recommend you don’t use a USER.cfg for the PTU as it will skew bug reports)
  • INSTALL FOLDER\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizenPTU\LIVE 

USER.cfg Settings & Commands – [] indicate what values can be set. 0 is always off.
Typing ; before a line will mean that line is ignored, this can be used to describe or put down notes during testing.

Console Commands
` will bring up the Console [This is the key just below your Esc key]

r_DisplayInfo = 3
This Setting shows your FPS, Memory Usage & Frame Latency in-game.

r_AntialiasingMode = 0
Turn’s Anti-Aliasing off, for a good improvement on Framerate. *THIS IS CURRENTLY BLACKLISTED BUT SHOULD BE RE-ENABLED SOON.

r_FogShadows = 1 [0,1]
Enables or disables Real-time Volumetric Cloud Shadows 0 = off | 1 = on

 r_MotionBlur = 0 [0,1]
Applies a blur filter when you turn, I really dislike motion blur and set it to 0 = off | 1 will turn it on.

 r_ssdo = 2 [0,1,2]
SSDO is a lighting post process that makes stuff look prettier and more realistic, SSDO is better than SSAO so I make sure SSAO is off. But SSDO can be set to 0 (off) for Performance and up to 2 for Quality.

 r_Gamma = 0.2 [0-1]
Adjusts the graphics card gamma correction, you can do it in game now easier.

 r_enable_full_gpu_sync = 0
EXPERIMENTAL | This forces the GPU render thread to wait for the main thread to finish state updates from the network before starting to render the next frame. Might give you a smoother experience and higher frame rates at the expense of hit reg & network performance, OR it could further degrade performance, setting it to 1 kills my frames.

r_GetScreenShot = 0 [1,2]* 
To capture one screenshot (variable is set to 0 after capturing); 0=do not take a screenshot (default), 1=save a screenshot (together with .HDR if enabled), 2=save a screenshot * do not add this to a user.cfg this is purely a console command.

r_VSync = 0 [0,1]
If you get screen tearing set VSync to 1 (See Below) | 0 is off

These Settings Only Work in a USER.cfg:

r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 512
Setting Texture Sizes, Change The r_TexturesStreamPoolSize based on you Graphics Card Memory 256 for 2GB or Less, 512 for upto 3.5GB, 1024 for over 4GB, 2048 for 6GB+. 

e_ShadowsPoolSize = 256
Set e_ShadowsPoolSize to half of TexturesStreamPoolSize is a good value, it’s the amount of memory shadows can use.

e_ShadowsMaxTexRes = 128
This setting is how much texture love is given to shadows, Recommend set to 128 for the most performance 512 is default and you can setup to 2048 for pretty shadows.

e_ShadowsReScale = 0.1
This is again some love to shadows (0.1 – 100) 0.1 will give you best performance while 100 will give you the best shadow quality, I can’t really notice the improvement above 40.

e_GsmCache = 1
This Setting @ 1 reduces a tiny amount of realism on shadows, almost unnoticeable for some performance increase, but if you want the best looking shadows Change to 0. Can cause odd shadow bugs at 1 sometimes.

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