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Game Mechanic FAQs | E-War, Radars & Trading

Summary of Mechanics FAQs from Calling All Devs 19th of March 2018.


  • Cliff Climbing & Jump Packs are not currently planned features, tho you will be able to traverse some rough terrain both on foot and via vehicles.

Commodities and Trade

  • Planning Trade routes and a living economy is a major part of the planned gameplay for Star Citizen.
  • The Starmap is getting expanded to also have info on various commodities.
  • This will allow you to work out potential profit between Jumps and you’ll also be able to go down to each planet and see each of the commodities available & what their prices are.
  • We don’t know the range of this data or what exactly will be shown yet tho.


  • Ship Radars are locked to the ship, some have 2d Radars, some 3d.
  • They are going to project the 3d style radars info using RTT into the 2d format, this allows them to have a single radar system which is much easier for them to maintain!


  • EVA Velocity when jumping out of a ship is not preserved nor is it planned to be preserved currently.
  • In fact if you leave a ship at high speed you’ll be slowed to “safer” operating speeds.
  • In the future they may look at it.
  • EVA is currently meant for small distance movements in space, to navigate areas and as a way of simulating mag boots using the thrusters to push you down & simulate gravity.

Electronic Warfare

  • E-War beyond EMPs is planned, just not for the short term.
  • Hacking will be a thing, interfering with avionics systems, overriding computers and doors, some remote control potential too. There will be counters to this too.
  • Jamming will also be a thing, blocking communications, using it for stealth.
  • This allows some extra gameplay for the herald as it will be able to carry HUGE amounts of non-jamable ultra secure data, that it could potentially self destruct the data too.
  • Previous to 3.1 distortion damage wasn’t setup correctly, causing EMPs to be extremely overpowered. EMPs are much more balanced & nerfed for 3.1.
  • It’s going to take the warlock and the raven longer and more power to use their EMPs.
  • This means they aren’t going to have as much power for other weapons & shields.
  • The blast radius has been tweaked as well as having the cooldown increased.