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Alien Faces, Ray Tracing & PTU Waves

PTU Waves – Technically NOT Wave 1
Something that Twerk17 actually alerted me to is that the Current PTU wave isn’t technically wave 1. It’s open to Evocati, Concierge & Subs BUT not additional issue council contributors. This could be partly due to the Evocati swelling to 2,000 testers and concierge and subs giving them more than enough testers for this stage of the PTU however it feels a bit unfair that some of the most active issue council members that have not joined the Evocati have been left out. It’s not a raise pitchforks moment, I understand they are a company and marketing is supposed to make money, it’s just a bit unfair. In future CIG please don’t gate PTU it for this, it makes you look greedy at the very least allow the most active contributors in at the earliest point after Evocati testing.

Ray Tracing
There has been a mixture of awesome stuff shown off in the last week about Ray Tracing Tech being part of the next big realism push “the ability to render and illuminate a scene in real time with cinematic quality.” Nvidia, AMD and various others have been showing off how cool it is. It will be interesting to see if SC adopts any of these techniques.

Alien Faces
Also 3Laterial who are part of the team behind the faces & driven facerigs of Star Citizen were showing off some of their tech they have helped develop:
Most impressive to me was  their Osiris Black Performed by Andy Serkis it was in the Unreal Engine but the actual tech behind it is likely to be used for Star Citizen.
It’s 3Lateral’s Meta Human Framework© volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology that brings this to life.
It’s very Vanduul like, but it’s great to know that Star Citizen has the technology to be able to bring mo-capped performances for aliens to life with this.

New GFX Drivers
I’ll be saying if any new GFX drivers are out for AMD and Nvidia GFX cards on occasion too.
It’s worth updating to the new Nvidia 391.24 drivers  (released 20th march) as they gave me a few frames extra in 3.1’s PTU.
On the AMD side grab the latest 18.3.3 Adrenaline drivers (19th March).

CryTek vs SC Update
I will be getting a video with an overview and update of the Crytek vs SC Case and some other interesting things surrounding that, the stepping down of the Crytek CEO recently, the push for the discovery phase BEFORE the Motion to Dismiss. It’s an interesting one to watch.