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Star Citizen 3.1 Alpha Features

This page tracks the latest Alpha 3.1 Roadmap information, including parts talked about on Around the Verse, by Devs, in interviews and rumors too.
The 12 Month Official Star Citizen PU Roadmap is Here

3.1 Alpha – LIVE Expected End of March 2018
3.1 is focused on the polish of 3.0’s systems, optimization & performance improvements.

Ships & Vehicles
Anvil Terrapin
MISC Razor
Tumbril Cyclone
Aegis Reclaimer
Aopoa Nox Kue

Weapons & Items
Updating Gallenson Tactical Systems GT-Series line of ship weapons
Updating Amon & Reese’s Omnisky line of ship weapons
Designing and creating Preacher Armament’s new distortion scattergun as a ship weapon in the game.
Designing and creating Gemini’s R97 FPS shotgun for use by characters in the game.
In addition to a Complete a balance pass on ship weapons and missiles so they perform as expected.

Improved Ship Damage
Updating the ship damage technology to allow for higher fidelity explosions, better damage shaders and improved physics.

AI Subsumption Conversion
Completing the transition for Ship AI to integrate completely with the Subsumption, allowing them to navigate, react and fight using the Subsumption system. This will consolidate the number of systems for the AI characters, so they are using the same system when piloting a ship as they are when walking around.

Performance Optimization
General optimization and engine improvements to increase stability and performance for the players. This includes continued transition of gameplay systems to Item 2.0 as well as investigation and resolution of possible memory leaks and performance spikes.

Serialized Variable Culling
Optimizing the client & server so that objects that are past a certain distance are not updated. This frees up a lot of Server CPU Power and some network throughput too.

Character Customizer
The Character Customizer will allow players to choose from a variety of looks to customize the appearance of their in-game avatar. The variety of customization options will increase over time as we build and add new assets into the game.

Helmet Polish, Lighting & HUD Improvements
These improvements will include updates to the model geometry, make sure characters are well lit inside the helmets, and fix bugs such as incidents where the lights persist even when helmets are not on.
Various improvements and bug fixes for visor and HUD displays. This includes ensuring the quality and legibility of UI, making it visually appealing and distinct between each manufacturer.
Planetary Tech Improvements  
Continued work to iterate on the technology that allows the generation of planets and its biomes in order to provide a wider variety of environments for the game.
[Service Beacons] Distress Calls
Send out a distress signal and allow other players to travel to your position.
The initial system that would allow players to call for help. This would create a marker that could be viewed by other players and traveled to. It would also have a mechanic to transfer money between players as a reward.  
IFCS – Balance/Tuning Iteration Tasks  
Continued work on the game’s underlying Flight Control System that handles ships and vehicles moving both in atmosphere and in space. Tasks include general improvement, bugfixes and updates to the control algorithm.  
Personal Manager App (PMA)  
Improvements and bug fixes for the Personal Manager App on mobiGlas, such as the ability to switch between preset loadouts, getting the 3D character model to rotate and ensuring the selected item/weapon is properly framed in the window.  
Procedural Animations  
Not Listed BUT Expected  

  • Expect better ship combat & better looking planetary tech as well as more flavorful missions too.
  • Quantum Linking
  • Voyager Direct Item Melting
  • UEC on account defines starting aUEC