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This Week in Star Citizen | 26th March 2018

Each week I’ll drop a collection of what is happening during the week on Star Citizen’s Official Channels and then fill it with links to sources as they become available. This is for the week beginning the 26th March 2018.
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This Week in Star Citizen 26th March

3.2 Feature Survey
Calling All Devs | 26th March

Bug Smashers | Airs 28th March
Around The Verse | Focusing on Squadron 42 and Flight AI | Airs 29th March
March Subscriber’s Town Hall | LIVE STREAMING 30th March @ 12pm PDT
Bringing Characters to Life. Join Josh Herman, Jeremiah Lee and other members of their team for a discussion about their work bringing the characters of Star Citizen to life, including clothing, armor, and recent and future customization options in the Star Citizen persistent universe.
Newsletter | 30th March