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Star Citizen 3.2 Alpha Features

This page tracks the latest Alpha 3.2 Roadmap information, including parts talked about on Around the Verse, by Devs, in interviews and rumors too.
The 12 Month Official Star Citizen PU Roadmap is Here | You can read about each of these 3.2 Features in more detail here
3.2 Alpha – LIVE End of June 2018

Gameplay & Updates
Groups System – Ability to team up with friends to cooperate on jobs and missions, and integrated group chat features.
Quantum Linking – Adding the ability to link with other players ships, allowing group Quantum Travel.
Item 2.0 Ship Systems & Weapons – Functionality for upgradable ship components, allowing configuration of shield generators, power plants, weapons, and other systems affecting ship performance.
Manned Turrets on Vehicles – Player and NPC functionality for manned turrets on vehicles.
Item Kiosk Shopping – Implementation of shopping kiosks, with an increased variety of available products. (This may include Ships too)
Economy Polish 3.2 – Performing an overall polish pass on the economic systems, from commodity trading to item prices to provide a better overall experience for players.
Quantum Travel Improvements – Improve the overall Quantum Travel experience with upgrades to graphics, audio, and functionality.
Ship Persistence Improvements – Improvements to the core system responsible for persisting ship records on the PU. This system enables many features including persistent damage, ship variables, and ship consumables.
PMA / VMA Improvements – Improve the visual presentation, functionality, and usability of the mobiGlas apps.
Mining on Planetary Bodies – Adding the systems needed for a player to extract minerals from a planet or asteroid.

FPS Combat AI – Implementing basic FPS Combat AI behaviors to allow for players to engage with enemy targets on the ground or in ships to add an action element to some of the missions.
Flight AI 3.2 – Improving existing and developing new and deeper flight behaviors and characteristics for AI pilots. This not only includes enemies to fight, but also includes civilian and security personalities.

Ships & Vehicles
Mustang Series Re-Work – All of the tasks associated with updating and implementing the revised version of Consolidated Outland’s Mustang & Variants (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma & Omega) into the game.
Avenger Series Re-Work – Implementing and balancing the updated models of the Aegis Avenger (Titan, Stalker, Renegade & Warlock) and its variants as flight ready ships in the game.
Vanduul Blade – Light Fighter
Aegis Eclipse – Stealth Bomber
Anvil Hurricane – Heavy Fighter
Origin 600i – Luxury Multi-Role Touring (The Explorer Version is the one planned for 3.2)

Associated Science and Development Distortion Repeater – Ship Weapon
Klaus & Werner Demeco – FPS Light Machine Gun
Kastak Arms Scalpel – FPS Sniper Rifle
Gemini F55 – FPS Light Machine Gun
Gemini R97 – Shotgun (in the PU, it’s already in Star Marine)

Legacy Marine & Outlaw Armor – This includes revisiting the old Light, Medium, and Heavy armors unveiled in the initial Star Marine demo and updating it to the current design spec, artistic fidelity and item system.
Port Olisar Clothing Collection – Design, creation and implementation of the various clothing sets that would be used by the inhabitants and stores of Port Olisar.

Core Tech
Network Bind Culling – This work aims to help improve performance in multiplayer by cutting down the number of entities that exist on clients. Entities too far from a player will be removed from the local client, and when the player moves or the server otherwise detects new entities entering the player’s range they will be added to the client. Because clients will then only consider updating entities that are near to them the overall CPU load will be reduced and performance should improve.
Performance Optimization – General optimization and engine improvements to increase stability and performance for the players. This includes continued transition of gameplay systems to Item 2.0 as well as investigation and resolution of possible memory leaks and performance spikes.

Other Items Mentioned
Improved Persistent Spawning