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Redeemer, Housing & 3.1.2a PTU Patch Notes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, looking at the 3.1.2 PTU patch as well as the latest info on the Redeemer, Ship Reworks and mechanics for the game.

Calling All Devs – Apartments, Decompression and Ship Reworks
Freelancer Max
The Freelancer Max is going to be reworked, it may have 4 engines OR 2 they haven’t decided, however it will be the most powerful engines of the Freelancer Series.
Expect similar changes that the current Freelancer received as well.

Ships will typically have a pilot’s seat, flight control will not be able to be transferred to other random consoles. Like in the case of the co-pilot seat in the Cutlass, this seat is not intended to have pilot control and is more of a support/gunner seat.

You’ll be able to rent the Hab Rooms that we currently have in game and spawn at in Port Olisar, GrimHex ect…
They are a way off from having anything like dedicated player apartments or guild housing BUT they are going to be looking at it in the future, they have the space to do it, they want to get the foundations of the game there first.
In the shorter term all major locations will have Habs for us to spawn at and use.
NPCs may also use these areas to sleep, they have 24hour schedules.
Habs will be in different tiers too, some may be larger and nicer, some with more room for customization.

Ship Reworks
The Redeemer is going to be looked at it after the current reworks on the Roadmap (don’t expect it out in 2018 tho),
also the M50, the greycat buggy and Merlin may all receive light updates, in a similar fashion to that of the Hornet received, basically not a remodel.

We will be getting Decompression in the future, it affects ships and environments.
Design are approaching it slowly and cautiously that will mean that don’t constantly have to redo the work.

3.1.2a PTU Patch Notes
This build includes extra logging in place to determine the cause of some more persistent crashes.
As a result, you will experience increased crashes and decreased performance.

The data we get from this will help us significantly in eliminating more pervasive crash/memory issues, so your help is appreciated!

Increased number of instances of each mission type

Mission Objective Markers were adjusted to not overlap with its location on the Star Map

Bug Fixes
Fixed rotating elevators in hangars that were rotating in place, causing players to get stuck
Fixed missing animation events for Admin NPCs

Fixed multiple memory leaks
Fixed Multiple crash events
Added logging events to track potential memory leaks and crashes

Other Stuff
Please checkout my updates to my USER.cfg & Performance Guides for the current patches, they really do make a world of difference for some!
They are currently investigating issues with REC, aUEC purchases as well as items going missing. At the moment reward & special items are removed from your account when you lose them on death. This is not the intention and they won’t disappear in the future once they have fixed the issue.