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Ship Updates | 100i Preview & Freeflight

Welcome to some more Star Citizen Ship Updates, with news on a Freefly, the new Origin 100 Series Concept Sale, the 600i and Avenger Rework as well as a little bit on the Hammerhead, 890 & Banu Ships.

From the 13th – 16th there is a Star Citizen Freefly this will mean anyone with an account or just signing up can try Star Citizen 3.1.x for free over the weekend with a selection of ships and vehicles, it should also mean current backers will have these unlocked at the same time.

Origin 100 Series – New Concept Ship
Stylish Starter Ship
It shares the same components as an Aurora, it’s advantage is that it looks cooler.
I assume that is 4 size 1 weapon hardpoints, NO missiles.
There are 3 versions of the Ship

The Base “Exploration” Model 100i
Combat 125a – 2 Missile Hardpoints
Cargo 135c – 4SCU External Cargo Capacity
All Ships have 2 SCU Internally
Are Single Seater
They Quantum, Jump Drives & a Bed
It’s very minimalist in design
It’s AIR system allows it to have a much better operating range, as it can scoop various gases & fuel and refine it. That’s its major advantage over the other starters.
It’s on Pre-Sale now to Concierge
The Base 100i is available from $55 with a Game Package or $40 standalone.
The 125a from $50 & 135c $55. For non-warbond/store credit prices add $5.
The interesting thing with these are that it appears that only the warbonds come with LTI, this is also true of the 100i Gamepackage… making it the first afforable game package that I am aware of with LTI.
The ship is on sale 13th – 30th April for all backers.
2018 will see concept ships from various manufacturers not just Origin or Aegis.

The 600i is the test bed and has the materials and common objects that will be used throughout the Origin Series.
It’s built to be a competitor to the Constellation Series BUT focused to luxury and it’s going to be used very similarly.
The Touring Module is a mobile hotel suite
Exploration Module gives you a garage and scanner suite & is for Planetary scanning and long ranger exploration.
There is a lower elevator that will take you in and out of the ship, the exploration version also has a cargo lift.
There is an armoury, crew quarters, captains quarters and social hub with tables, kitchen, bar, pool table. There are component room access on each side of the ship.
It has translucent internal doors.
The ship increased from 60 – 91.5 Meters.
The cockpit is massively open and has an amazing unobstructed view.
The Exploration Version will be the first ready.

After 600i
Once the 600i is complete it’s planned that the team that was working on it will split into 2
Team 1 will start on the 890 Jump
Team 2 will start on the Banu Defender, after that they will move onto the Merchantman.
These ships will be worked on this year, but other than the 600i they won’t be ready flyable this year.

The Hammerhead’s interior has had a good amount of interior work as well as it’s cargo bay receiving a lot of love, it has a lift and a good amount of room.
Potentially a Cyclone could fit?
The Bridge also looks pretty cool.

Avenger Rework
The new Avenger is bigger. It has much more internal moveable space.
It still has a bedroom with component access. The exterior has just been scaled up.
Currently it still has the Tigerstreik on the nose & 2 Sucker Punches on the wings.
The ship will have access both via the cockpit and rear of the ship.
The Titan has a Cargo Bay, the Stalker Prisoner Cells and the Warlock an EMP Generator (it looks like the Warlock does not have entry to the cockpit via the rear still).