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3.1.3 LIVE & Weekly Update

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News looking at the 3.1.3 LIVE Patch, some bits from the Audio RtV Special & Other Updates.

  • We had BritizenCon on Saturday, there were some issues with the internet and the stream there, but for the most part it was awesome. There were panels and questions answered through the day and at the pub after. I’ll get a Summary of that info up within the next couple of days.
  • There was a look at a scrap/trash area on Hurston in the Newsletters Sneak Peek.
  • There are still discount starter packages available, and the Tumbril Cyclone is permanently on sale now.
  • Spectrum 3.7.4 has been released allowing custom roles, custom emojis and Blocking.
  • We now have been told that “Sound Sim” is the in lore reason we hear sound in space (we might be able to turn this off if you wanted).
  • Sound will be very directionally detailed. You’ll have audio cues for combat, wear and tear & there will be debuff audio too, with things like getting flash banged.
  • They are working towards projecting realistic player voices in game.
  • Be sure to checkout 3.5’s Roadmap the first planned release of 2019, I have a video linked for that below too.

Patch 3.1.3 is now LIVE
Bug Fixes

  • Fix for AI pilots occasionally going into idle states.
  • The larger Revel and York personal hangar for size 5+ ships will now load again.


  • Fixed 3 client crashes.
  • Fixed 9 potential server crash causes.
  • Fixed 2 fatal error crashes.
  • Fixed a memory crash.

There is also a PTU server running PTU patch 3.1.3e this has Added additional logging to track crashes. It looks like it might become the norm to have a LIVE and PTU patch up all the time, with heavier testing and logging on the PTU.
The LIVE 3.1.3 patch is fantastic tho. It’s much more stable both client and server wise, ships are a bit better at flying and aiming, frame rates are reasonable 30-50 in the PU. If you do crash you can typically rejoin exactly where you left off now.
It is a very fun, very playable release! I’ll get a full state of the game up for 3.1.3 later this week.

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