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Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 Roadmap

Welcome to Some more Star Citizen, with an update to the Star Citizen Roadmap, we’ll quickly go over the changes to 3.2 – 3.4 before looking at the new info for 3.5 coming the first quarter of 2019.

3.2 hasn’t seen any additions or removals, well actually the R97 Gemini Shotgun has been removed as it’s now marked as released from 3.1.

3.3 has seen the addition of:
[Missions] Mission Modularity & Racing – 
This feature includes a number of improvements to the existing mission system. One task will transform the logic setup for missions into modular pieces, allowing designers to quickly string mission types together into a single mission. This also includes the introduction of a new style of race mode called a Scramble, where pilots race to destroy beacons. Finally, this feature includes the introduction of the scanning mechanic to the missions.

3.4 has had a few changes:
AI Planetary Landing has been removed but there are some new features:
[Missions] Interdiction & Salvage – Work on this feature introduces two new aspects to gameplay. Players will now be able to interdict AI Pilots out of Quantum Travel, allowing outlaw players to find new prey or bounty hunters to intercept fugitives. This will also introduce salvage missions into the array of missions that players can undertake.
AI [FPS Combat] Stealth – NPC behaviors will allow the player to approach an encounter using stealth tactics and also allow NPCs to react appropriately.
[Flight] Quantum & Strafing – This batch of improvements will allow AI Pilots to use quantum navigation, provide more updates to the IFCS flight mode, and allow AI to use basic scanning mechanics to possibly detect stealthed ships.

3.5 is the new update added to the Roadmap coming March 2019 it includes:
Refineries – mineral refinement facilities. locations where players can go to sell unrefined ore that they have mined. Players can also visit these facilities to purchase refined minerals to sell elsewhere.
Comm Array Updates – implementing revisions to the CommArray stations positioned around the universe These not only facilitate the ability to transfer data but also provide ECN coverage to report any security violations.
Ship wise they are looking at getting the Banu Defender and the 890 Jump in.
Weapons wise it’s just FPS ones – Kastak Arms’ Coda ballistic pistol, Klaus & Werner’s Lumin V submachine gun & the Kastak Arms’ Firestorm microwave cannon.
AI FPS & Flight Combat Styles – introduce a variety of Combat styles that can be applied to NPC AI. Some of these initial personalities would range from untrained fighters to trained military, allowing a variety of flavors to an encounter.
These personalities would vary in their approach to a combat scenario in order to make each combat encounter a little more unpredictable. This update will also allow AI ships to attack ground targets.
Liquid/Gas Exploration – allowing players to search for, identify, and extract deposits of liquids or gases on planets as well as in space.
Expanded Cargo – increasing the sizes and types of cargo containers that the players will use to transport commodities and goods. The current size is a single SCU, these crates will cover larger sizes and shapes.
Data Running – The ability to transfer data between locations, but this system also includes the creation of data packets/tags to points of interest in the universe that allow it to be tracked. For example, a prospector identifies a vein of nickel. The location of that discovery becomes a piece of data that the prospector can transfer or sell.
Long Range Scanning – The system required to allow a ship to scan wider areas of space, find points of interest and travel to them. This will feature heavily with prospecting and exploration ships.
Performance Optimization is also a feature that they will be looking at every patch it seems.