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300 Rework & 3.1.4 PTU Patch

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, a new PTU patch is out 3.1.4 & we have the 100 FAQ part 2.

CIG are really pushing out the micro patches for 3.1, while also simultaneously working on the 3.2 dev branch. Previously it was suggested that once a major patch was out they would lock it down quickly then move all resources over to the new branch. However with CIG continuing to expand their studios & staff and with their processes and experience growing and improving they are seemingly able to develop and integrate improvements with the LIVE to Dev branches on the fly potentially (or they are doing integration of the branch later). This is also probably as the LIVE and the Dev Branches are becoming more similar/compatible as more core features come online (just with content and features locked out/only partly complete).

3.1.4 PTU fixes – Multiple players no longer spawning into the same EZ Hab room AND 2 fatal error crashes. It also have increased logging to help find and identify issues BUT you also get 100k aUEC to use on the PTU as well.
I hope this becomes the norm with future updates, maintaining a LIVE and a PTU environment at the same time. As it means we get lots of fixes, improvements to build & a testing focus for backers that are so inclined.

The 2nd Part of the Origin 100 Series FAQ came out.
The 300 series is getting a rework it will fill a higher tier place in the ship hierarchy than it currently does and will have it’s current roles more defined and focused.
I expect it will be the luxury and step up versions of the Avenger. Or one of the logical steps to single seater craft for light combat and exploration from Starter & low tier ships.
The 300 rework is planned for Alpha 3.4 coming in December of this year.
The 125a might get weapon hardpoint upgrades BUT it’s more likely that they will make size 1 weapons more competitive in the future.
The interior of the 100 series is the same across all the variants. A bed, room for 2 SCU of visible cargo and access to it’s components.
The 100 series scoops fuel & refines it straight into it’s tank.
The 135c will be more maneuverable and potentially have better fuel sustainability than an Avenger Titan. The Titan is larger, better armed and just better in my opinion tho.