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BoredGamer Star Citizen Content Plans Pre-3.2

Hey guys, I am trying to gather some info for short-term Star Citizen content to do from now to the end of June / 3.2’s release. With that in mind I’ve got a poll I’d like you to fill in to help work out what to focus on, in addition to the other content I maintain on the Channel.
After you’ve read what each of the content is roughly below please vote on the poll here (you can vote on multiple options) –
Also if you have any other suggestions please message me on my Discord OR email me on

Community Citizen – Looking posts on Spectrum & Reddit, some will be awesome screenshots or programs that fans have made, some stuff will be concern and balance threads. Hot Topics in the community.

Gameplay – Let’s Play style Gameplay, doing missions solo and with a group of people. May do a bit of a Story with interactions from player characters… eventually think shadow of israphel for Star Citizen.

Hardware – Looking at different PC hardware, setups and performance gains.

Peripherals – Looking at guides for joysticks and control devices, reviewing them. This would also include things like HCS Voice Packs and Voice Attack.

Updated Ship Guides – Updating my Ship Guides Series

Weapons & Meta – A Weapons and Meta serious looking at the stats of ships, weapons and items as well as builds and how to use them in the PU, PvE & PvP.

Jobs & Mechanics – Taking a Deeper look at each of the Roles, Jobs, in Game Mechanics and Features with the latest info we have.

Behind the Scenes & Interviews – We could try to interview companies like Faceware, Turbulent and CIG/F42 Devs about working on Star Citizen