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Weekly Summary | Razor Special Editions, Hercules FAQs & Trash Biome

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a summary of the news for the week ending the 27th of May. Going over Calling all devs, Around the Verse, Reverse the Verse, Roadmap Changes, the Razor LX & EX Variant Sale as well as the Hercules Q&A.
Latest RSI Newsletter –

Calling all Devs on Monday talked about animations getting better, they will be less snappy and teleporty & you’ll be able to animation cancel picking up boxes or getting in your cockpit.
Perma Death is still going to be a thing but it’s still being fleshed out. Your new character will get your assets tho.
Quantum Travel will have way-points & navigating will be a role.
VOTL thrusters are now important in the game, especially when in atmosphere.

Around The Verse gave us a PU Update showing off the new Quantum Spline jumps, which enable you to travel to the opposite side of a moon with a single QJ cutting down travel times.
Mining visuals made a lot of progress, lots of the trash biome & structures for Hurston were shown and there was a featurette on the legacy armors we are getting in 3.2, it’s modular and updated.

Reverse The Verse continued talking about armor from the art side. There was a whole lot of maybe and that would be cool
They did say you’ll have a good level of customization with clothing and armor, you’ll be able to have various colors & with that you’ll be able to work out a uniform set for an Org for example.
Capes are scarves are currently linked to torso clothing and armor.
The updated armors are much more poly efficient.
Weapons & equipment are physicalized on your armor so you’ll only be able to carry a reasonable amount of gear and they are making sure that you won’t get any clipping in the future.
There is a huge range of armor & clothing we may get in the game in the future, don’t rule anything out yet.

Roadmap Updates
Service Beacon Improvements and SB Escort have been moved to 3.3
Now I suspect that some improvements may still be made to SBs in 3.2 or in a 3.2.x patch.
The rest of the features are making progress with many tasks completed for manned turrets, Economy Polish, The Groups System, Item Kiosk & QT Improvements BUT there is still a lot to complete. This was hopefully the last items to slip from 3.2s initial release which will be at the end of June.

3.3 has had the addition of SB Improvements and SB Escort.
Hurston’s and Loreville have seen many tasks completed too.
But other than that there is no other major changes.

Razor Variant Sale
There has been a new pair of limited edition Razors for the in lore “50 year anniversary” of MISC.

The Razor EX in Black is Outfitted with signature-reducing materials, the Razor EX was specially designed for the UEE Advocacy for use in surveillance and extraction applications – perfect for pilots looking to keep a low profile and make a hasty getaway.
The Razor LX in White features an overclocked engine that’s capable of unmatched top speeds. Perfect for straight-shot drag racing, this model trades maneuverability and armament for pure, undiluted performance.
The ships are available from $135, warbond gets you LTI and a unique serial number.
There are packs available, as is the standard Razor.

Hercules Q&A
The Hercules Q&A came out with a little bit of new info:
Ground attacks will be a thing in Star Citizen, the A2 won’t just be a win button tho.
Players will be able to set up anti-air defenses.
They are looking at destroying outposts and how those systems will work currently.
Heavier ship armor affords more resistances but also more weight on the ship.
Expect the C2 to have armor like a Starfarer and the M2 to have Gemini like armor.
Escorts are recommend when using the C2 in dangerous areas or for ground assault, tho it has reasonable EH to allow it to call for help.
All the Hercules variants have 3 beds, a small kitchen and a toilet shower combo.
The Hercules is accessible either using the ramps or via a small lift around the middle of the cargo bay.
The H-A2 and future ground assault ships are planned to have gravity assisted bombs.
They are also looking at potential bombs for a few ships like the Retaliator as well.
Bombs are typically larger than Torps of a similar S rating , they are also unguided, offer a wider damage radius, and higher damage.
They are still developing how this will work, probably triggering on impact, tho they will look at proximity later on, which could lead to uses in space JUST don’t expect it. Torpedos will probably be what you use in space.
The Hercules will fit on a large landing pad, like the Starfarer.
You are not able to remove the bomb bays on the A2 and place cargo there instead.
The ship with it’s 3 variants is on Concept Sale until the 14th of June.

Total Biscuit
Mostly unrelated to Star Citizen, but TotalBiscuit has passed away after a battle with bowel cancer aged 33. I have a huge amount of respect for him, he was a positive force in the Youtube and Gaming Community & I think for me he is one of the Greats. He approached his illness with more grace and dignity than I could. He did one of the 1st ever videos I saw on Star Citizen in 2012 interviewing Chris Roberts.