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Weekly Summary | Scanning, Squadron 42 & $27000 Legatus Pack

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with a Summary of what has happened this week for the 3rd of June with Roadmap Updates, Calling All Devs, a Squadron 42 focused ATV, Scanning focused RTV and more.
Latest Star Citizen Newsletter |
Latest Squadron 42 Newsletter


Roadmap Updates
We’re Start with Roadmap and 3.2 Updates in the Newsletter there was some hype:
“We have exciting news this week as development officially moves to focus on Alpha 3.2, with features and improvements making their way into the early stages of PTU implementation.” – It’s basically confirming that the Evocati PTU build should be out pretty soon.
Some new tasks have been added for Item Shopping Kiosks & the Groups System (I am hoping one of them is ships being purchasable with aUEC, tho that seems to be unlikely now). Other tasks have all made solid progress including Bind Culling getting some tasks completed, which a lot of people were worried about it stagnating. The Avenger has been split into each of it’s variants on the Roadmap too, so it’s listed as the Warlock, Stalker and Titan – There are not any other delays or additions on the Roadmap currently for the planned 3.2 content.
3.3 has made progress on a variety of it’s planned features as well, the rest of the roadmap is pretty much unchanged.

The Week’s Sneak Peek is a screen for the Modular Hangars, which will be making their way into game from 3.3 in Sept.

Let’s go thru a quick summary of the week’s shows.
Calling All Devs – Dirty Ships, Modularity & UI Updates
Answered a few questions that I’ll go over in brief now.
Name Tags & Player IDs – They will be back in the short term, in the future they are going to have systems for scanning and finding out Character names and info as well as sharing locations with friends and parties.
The mobiGlas will be Easier to read in extremes
Modular Ship Parts & Mechanics are in the Backlog and will be worked on in the future, they are coming, just not this year.
Ships can be cleaned – They will get dirty over time.

Around the Verse – Scanners Aglow, Torpedoes in Tow
Was a Squadron 42 Update (tho most of it’s updates can be applied as progress to the SC PU as well.
FPS Weapons are getting tweaked – Recoil, spread, stability.
AI – Formation Flying, Fighter & Gunship behaviors (Turrets) / Targeting & Threat have all seen a lot of work.
Gas Tech & Space Scaping with Focus on the Coil and Odin System but they will be able to create very beautiful nebula and pockets of interest in the PU as well.
Chemline facility Props and environments have seen a load of work
Capital Ship Distress States have been made for ships getting battered in combat & The Bengal has had a lot of work finished with in, including the brig being finalized.
FPS AI – Combat Behaviors – Trained / Untrained NPCs have been worked on a lot, they react differently in combat and with cover.
Scanning was talked about with Pings being sent out to detect items not in your Passive Radar Range, range to an object and their signature will decide if you detect it or not, stealth is very much a thing.
Mining will use this scanning and ping system in 3.2 to detect mineables and find more info on them. Mining will only be available to the Prospector in 3.2.
The Eclipse Stealth Bomber coming in 3.2 was also given a closer look.

Reverse The VerseScanning and YOU
Continued looking at Scanners and Radars, I’ll put some of the extra info here.
There are different types of scanners, giving different info and for various uses.
There are no plans for scanner jamming.
Signal strength to distance is the basic model for scanning.
The closer you are, the easier something is to detect.
You’ll be able to see how low or high your signatures are.
You can ping & scan at various predefined widths/lengths.
Scanning can be performed on individual characters too, to see info on them or their weapons and inventory potentially.
Ships will be able to share their scanning data with others in real time as well as the potential to all help a single ship scan.

Other News
This months RSI sub free ship is the Aegis Reclaimer, the biggest ship currently flyable in game.
We should be seeing a monthly report next week, going over what the studio has been working on for the last few weeks and is now focused on.