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Channel Update June | Star Citizen, Community & Article 13

Welcome to a BoredGamer Channel update for June. We’ll talk about new stuff with myself and the channel. What I’ve been up to, plans for this month, things you can get involved with & more.

Giveaway Winner
The winner for May’s Giveaway was Jean Winter, they won a Nova Tank and a Terrapin.

New Stuff on the Channel
I’m planning to do some more semi-regular star citizen gameplay on the Channel now & not just news/summaries, 3.1.4 has been pretty fun to play with people & fixed a load of the issues I was having. We may wait till after 3.2 is released as that seems more sensible.
Streams – I’m also going to be streaming Star Citizen every Friday, it will be a more interactive chatty stream. Typically that will be around 5pm UTC tho will move around based on RtV.

Some Videos I want to do this month:

  • 3.2 PTU Patch notes, changes all that Jazz
  • Monthly Report Summary
  • Capital Ship Combat – All we know
  • Playing Star Citizen Solo / Lone Wolfing
  • Starting a couple of Series going over Mechanics, Jobs/Roles, Game Tech
  • A Roadmap Update & starting to look at 3.3

I am championing Shadow they are Cloud Based Gaming PCs offer a alternative to getting a physical gaming PC or upgrading BUT I am also going to be looking at various hardware over the coming month too. The New Optane Drives, New Nvidia Cards, some builds with Intel and AMD stuff all with Star Citizen in mind.

Titan Suit – Fake Newsletter
There was a Concierge Fake Newsletter going around about the Star Citizen Titan-Suits, if you’ve seen a posting of that around, it is a fake.

Star Citizen – on the PC Gaming Show E3 (sort of)
Star Citizen is going to be on the PC Gamer – PC Gaming Show at E3, this could take the form of a trailer, video or interview and is sort of the lightest E3 interaction a company could have. Still looking forward to any new info and footage tho.
The Show Starts on Monday 11th June @ 10pm UTC on

Article 13
There is a little bit of a Rallying Cry that I want to put out about Article 13 which is going to be voted on by European Parliament. It’s a huge amount of control and censorship for the internet that will affect pretty much everyone but not just in Europe as it will have knock on effects globally. If you go to you can find a very quick run down of some of the effects that make it harder for you to link sources, share, create videos with clips, share memes. It’s a terrible abuse of freedom. One of my worries is if it passes then Youtubers won’t link sources and you’d have an even worse non fact checking culture.

But check it out, have a read and if you can spread the word about it on social media, that site will help you do that, you can even contact your MEP if applicable, if your not in Europe you can still spread the word. I’ll link the Full Proposal too.

I had a health scare where I thought I may of been having a heart attack recently, so I’ve had loads of tests at the doctor recently. It might of been Pericarditis an inflammation around my heart. All the scans have come back clear. I feel good. I’m awaiting blood test results. It could of been a rheumatoid spasm or something tho. Pretty sure I’m good!
I am currently losing some weight, I have a treadmill I am running on daily.
I’ve also got a DNA test from a company that tell you info on have sensitive you are to certain vitamins and things like caffeine…that might be cool… I mean it might be total bullshit… we’ll see.

Game Server
I rent out a game server that can support whatever we want to run on it.
At the moment I think some people from my Discord are playing Ark on it BUT we also have Sven-Coop, Forest, Natural Selection 2 Servers. I am probably going to start a Rust one.
If you have something you want to play jump onto my discord and poke me!

Me and Zinya completed the Forest, and played through all the content Raft has to offer. My friends that are all part of the BoredGamer Stream team all stream erratically (atm)but it’s worth giving them a follow.
I am also playing a bit of EvE at the moment too, people have been donating ships and ISK which is very appreciated, especially Aneut from the Matadors. Feel free to send my Character Uber Monkey. It’s actually for a video that I’ll be doing talking about PvP, alpha strikes, things that might happen in Star Citizen for the naive. There are definitely players that will try to ruin others fun, but also just players looking to make more money than they lose via PvP and mechanic exploitation AND I want to cover that and talk alot more about the PvP in the game and how it affect all players.

Podcasts & Social Media
I’ve started posting the Audio of relevant videos I do on SoundCloud and iTunes as a few people were requesting that. I’ll maintain it at least weekly.
On my Pinterest & Twitter I am going to post up most Star Citizen Teasers that I find around.

If you want to further support the Channel then you can give feedback at or comment below with video suggestions OR orgs, events, software, hardware that you want me to checkout OR even questions you want me to poke CIG about.
Additionally there is patreon which even as much as a $ really helps me & the Channel with hardware, events, software. It is super appreciated.
A Massive thankyou this month to my Aventador, Andy Green & Christopher Ricard my very generous patreons – As well as an almost as big thankyou to Bloodrane, Mark Thomas, Mayumi, Forsight & Mil. You guys give a lot of money to help me keep making videos and doing what I love… so thank you very much.

Also I may be going to a F42 Derby Studio Tour this month, it depends when I have to be at the Doctors for tests tho BUT I’ll try to get there as I haven’t been to the mocap & animation focused studio yet.
Also I do have a Sabre Raven to Giveaway at somepoint that was donated by Andy one of my Patreons. You are legend sir! We’ll work something out about that later.
Thanks very much for watching the guys and supporting the Channel.