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Star Citizen Ship Tracker

Known Ship Schedule

These Charts are by YT-O & Sebman – See the latest here

3.2 – June – RELEASED
Avenger Rework – Titan, Stalker & Warlock
600i – Explorer Variant
Hurricane Heavy Fighter
Eclipse Stealth Bomber
Vanduul Blade Light Fighter

3.3 – Sept – RELEASED
Cyclone Variants – TR, RC, AA & RN
Constellation Phoenix
Hammerhead Gunship
Mustang Rework – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega
Valkyrie Dropship
Arrow Light Fighter

3.4 – Dec – RELEASED
Freelancer Variants – DUR, MAX & MIS
Hawk – Light Bounty Hunter
600i Touring/Luxury Module

3.5 – March 2019
Constellation Taurus
300 Series Rework – 300i, 315p, 325a, 350r
Banu Defender – Escort Fighter
Reliant Variants – Mako, Sen, Tana
m50 & P52 Updates

3.6 – June 2019
890 Jump – Luxury Space Yacht
P72 Archimedes – Luxury Snub Ship

2018 Ships &  Concepts
Drake Vulture Small Salvage Ship
Herecules StarLifter – C2,M2 & A2 – Space To Ground Vehicle Transport
100 Series – 100i, 125a, 135c (Luxury/Longer Range Starter Ships)
Vulcan – Entry Repair, Rearm & Refuel Drone Ship
Kraken Scout Carrier
Mercury Medium Data & Cargo Runner
Valkyrie Drop Ship
Anvil Arrow Light Fighter – Straight to Flyable
AopoA San.Tok’Yai (Santokyai) Xi’An Medium Fighter

Potential Concepts / Ship Sales
Anvil F8C Civilian Version of the F8 Heavy Fighter
Cydnus Spider Miner
Titan ExoSuits
RSI Bengal Heavy Carrier
Pegasus Medium Carrier
Vanduul Esperia Converted Ships – Cleaver (Boarding Ship), Void Bomber, Driller (Capital Ship), Stinger (Heavy Fighter), Hunter Corvette
Re-Concepting the Redeemer Gunship
Lots of Potential Ground Vehicles
Something from Aegis Dynamics – Being Announced on the 24th August 2019 – This is Probably a big Ship!

New 2019 Ships & Concepts
HeartSeeker F7C-M SuperHornet – Flyable Alpha 3.5
ARGO SRV – TowBoat/Tractor Beam Concept
Drake Corsair Exploration Ship (Drake Version of the Constellation)

Current/Next Concept SaleTumbril Ranger Bike – On Concept Sale Until 10th June 2019