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New Drake Ship Teaser, Life Support & Phoenix Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, talking today about Life Support, Clothing Styles, Constellation Phoenix Updates and a possible Drake Concept Ship Teaser.
A Summary from Calling All Devs Life Support & Phoenix Update dated 4th June

Life Support – is planned to be a component on ship just like a power plant.
In a fixed location on the ship based on it’s hull.
It’s repairable if it gets damaged you’ll interact with it directly to do the repairs.
There isn’t plans for variants of Life Support as components, the one your ship comes with is the one it’s “stuck” with. Think of them as integrated components (basically unchangeable).
You won’t need to fill it up with oxygen or anything, it just needs power.
If it goes offline then you can switch to your space suit for example to breathe while you are waiting for it to be repaired.
The LS system will apply breathable atmosphere into the interior of ships allowing them to be pressurized. This will also be connected to the Room System, which allows for different pressures & atmospheric compositions behind sealed doors & between rooms.

Some ships have an issue that when you open the door the entire ship is vented. They will be fixing that issue on affected (multi-crew) ships, (think like an airshield or something), it’s on the backlog.

Clothing – Every location and planet you go to with have a theme & style.
NPC and Player clothing are the same, you have the same choices.
You can dress like a local on a planet or location to blend in OR just stay with however you want to dress. Based on the location there will still be a % amount of the populace not wearing the typical clothing for that area, tho some areas this % might be tiny.
In more HUB areas, it’s likely you’ll see people wearing loads of different styles.

Constellation Phoenix Updates – Armor is currently being worked on for item 2.0, the intention is the Phoenix has improved armor over the other Connie variants.
The Phoenix will have better grade & competition components, giving it a performance boost over the others too, so for example the Andromeda has 2x C Class Civilian power plants, the Phoenix has a better grade and class so most likely 2x B Class Competition ones.
In the CADs they said – Point Defense Turrets/Systems will be a thing in the future, in 3.3 with the Phoenix’s release however it will be a unmanned turret in the meantime.
“Corrections” on Reddit
On Reddit there was a bit of “clarification” to this which turned out to be much more confusing. But Disco has now said there:
“The Phoenix will have both top and bottom manned turrets. The ADDITIONAL unmanned turret (they discussed on CADs) will actually be added at a later time.”
I am still a little confused if PDS will be in game now. I think that some manned & unmanned turrets will be able to have AI modules that allow them to become PDS or have other similar simple instruction shoot these particular types of thing. This will be based on the turret and the ship in questions computer/blade hardpoints.

New Drake Concept / Teaser
During the show there was a teaser of a Date 14th of June & the Drake Interplanetary Logo.
And some very obscure teaser pictures, some of which users on reddit have tried to merge together and clear up.
The most likely thing is it’s a teaser for the Drake Vulture Small Salvage Ship Concept Sale, that will most likely start on the 14th of June.
The nature of the teasers tho were interruptions, sort of like a signal being hacked and there is the likelihood that there is a medium storage runner (larger version of the Herald) on the horizon too. But it’s much more likely to be the Vulture at this time.