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3.2 Evocati Released & PU Update

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a PU Update with some of the work the Star Citizen studios have been upto in the last week.
3.2 is out to the Evocati tho that is literally all I can say as I am under NDA for the build.
Expect the patch to go to wider PTU almost certainly within the next couple of weeks.

Around The Verse
PU Update – Battaglia a new mission giver has had more voice lines and animations implemented.

Mining Animation tests for the boom arm have been tested and they are combining the textures with it’s rig to complete it.
They show the old visuals for mining on the ground, they are dialing in the new ones.
The UI visuals are also being improved.
They have been working on the resource node dispersion across planets and moons.
Resources and their quantity will be based on the individual ecosystem they are in on the planet or moon.

VFX are tweaking scanning, they want it informative BUT not too busy. They will continue to tweak them until they are happy.
It’s worth noting that these will also be worked on throughout evocati and ptu builds of 3.2
The latest version of the scanning ping was shown, you can focus the particle wave for your needs.

Scramble Races are in their balancing phase. Scramble races have armed ships compete to destroy beacons the fastest BUT they need to tweak fast ships vs very heavily armed ships.
They show off a rendering of a racing boy used in scramble races.

Work Continues with AI Improvements and mission design. They have made major strides with FPS combat AI for missions in the PU.
They are testing various scenarios with the AI to draw out bugs and polish the experience.

Ships team have completed landing animations for the Vanduul blade & are wrapping up final art on the anvil Hurricane with the enter exit animations and landing gear compression.
They have also been working on the Mustang Revamp and the Constellation Phoenix.

Props are making signage for use in modular rest stops.
Rest stops are coming together with their procedurally generated layouts being much more visually appealing.
Hangars are entering their final art phase too.

Hurston is getting various biome work done to it, the Savanna biome is getting various flora made for it AND they are testing them in different lighting conditions.
The Tundra Biome is the next to be tackled, they are playing with concepts and visuals for the area.
Hurston Mining pit early white box renders were also shown, large areas of the planet have been mined out, but there will still be some resources around.
They continue to improve planet tech and they are have made progress on procedural shading for more color variety in assets like rocks.

New Weapons
Gemini F55 – LMG a high rate of fire gatling style weapon with a big drum magazine.
Its down side is that it’s sight isn’t moddable, you are stuck with iron sights. It’s got some solid recoil compensation too. The weapon is “liquid cooled” which is the spinning LED.
K&W Demeco is another LMG coming 3.2, it’s smaller than the F55 and slower firing, laser weapon BUT very powerful. It’s the opposite end of the LMG spectrum from the F55 in fact. It’s a beefed up assault rifle with a big battery.
The Demeco will be better at range and be more stable to fire than the F55. Short Range and in corridors the F55 is better set to have the advantage. The Demeco is also good for endurance, it won’t burn it’s ammo too quickly.

In Bug Smashers they talked a little about Ship weapons and their item 2.0 implementation & fixed a bug with the Gladius Scorpion Gatling. Item 2.0 allows them to really easily edit and tweak weapons.