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Star Citizen | Life Support, Avoiding PvP & The Multi-Tool

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today looking at Life Support Systems, Key Shortcuts, PvP in the Full Game as well as FPS Gadgets & Tools coming to the game.
This is a summary of Calling All Devs – Multitools & Keybinds dated 2nd July.

How will life support system on ships work?
Each room has a volume, each volume can hold ‘x’ amount of gas, they track the gas in every single room. Ships have life support that produces oxygen, which is consumed by players.
The rate at which oxygen will deplete depends on the size of the room, the amount of players breathing, what they are doing (some actions consume more oxygen), the amount/quality of the life support systems, wearing a helmet will have you using your own oxygen tank rather than life support.
They implied a valid tactic may be locking doors and turning off oxygen producers on a ship, obviously this is something that they were thinking of rather than confirming.

Are we getting more keybinds for actions & cockpit interaction?
The short answer is yes, The intention is to have as many shortcuts as the devs can get in game available as bindable actions, not everyone wants to use inner-thought & HOTAS players will need bindable keys to allow them the same accessibility to functions. Inner-thought actions are coming first, and then keybindings are added later.
This will also be great for 3rd party apps and peripherals that use keybinds, stream decks and tablets set up as control panels, voice attack, control devices & more.

Is there a way to avoid PvP entirely in the persistent universe?
Star Citizen’s PU is multiplayer. There is no way to guarantee that others player won’t try to attack or interact with you. They will have lawful space for peaceful players, however they know players may eventually find a ways around that.
If you are genuinely being griefed you will have to open a support ticket.
They are going to try to make the rules as strict as possible in the places where people start and are learning to play.
And also make it unappealing for advanced players to go to these areas, more advanced people will get pulled to “richer” areas. The Core UEE Worlds will be more relaxed.
Security forces will defend players being attacked in certain systems.
They want to try and find a good balance to support players who are playing as a pirate as this gameplay is core to the game.

What kind of non-combat personal equipment is planned?
They’ve talked about the Pyro Multi-Tool before. It has several attachments that you can use with it, it’s like a swiss army knife.
There’s a cutting attachment to cut through some specific surfaces, maybe locked panels or entries into vents.
There is also a repair & salvage attachment. You’ll be able to attach a repair canister and this will allow you to repair minor external and hull damage on ships, it won’t replace a wing BUT it will fill in a hole in one.
There is also a mini-tractor beam attachment, which will be able to push & pull objects in Zero G. You will be able to pull yourself toward heavy objects OR pull light objects to you like crates & cargo.
They are prototyping various other gadgets too. Oxygen & Medi-Pens are already in.
They talk about other consumables drugs & stims, various types of mines, remote turrets, throwable shields, explosives and more.
They did also talk about explosive salvage charges previously too in conjunction with the Vulture.
A lot of this stuff is on the backlog and will be put into the game when they can.

The Orion now gives a prospector instead so you can try mining.
The 600i will become the loaner for the 890 later this week!
With the release of Alpha 3.2, they are looking ahead at making improvements and refining the patch, so expect to see hotfixes and mini-patches for 3.2 in the very near future.