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Around The Verse Summary | Party of Fifty & 3.2.2 Release

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a 3.2.2 LIVE release, a summary of AtV Looking at some work in 3.3 with Mining, FOIP & VOIP. Some Vanduul FPS stuff & a some highlights of the monthly report talking about in game ship rentals, underground structures and more!

Star Citizen 3.2.2 Patch Notes
Star Citizen Patch 3.2.2 went LIVE… it is literally the smallest patch known to man, with a single line of updates:
Fixed grenade throwing issue and needed logging for 846694.

Star Citizen: Around the Verse – Party of Fifty
New tech have come online allowing particles to be dynamically affected by external forces like wind.
There is a lot of work going into improving mining on planetary bodies for 3.3, the improvements are based on the community feedback of the gameplay loop.
There is going to be more variation of rocks, not just in resources BUT their overcharge rates, resistance and instability.
The third person camera won’t highlight rocks.
And more importantly fixes to the network desync problems, with broken parts of rocks not spawning and heavily delayed throttle inputs.
They have also have a prototype of asteroid mining in space, you’ll ping to find areas of interest for mining, when you arrive you will be able to mine asteroid in an a near identical manner to rocks on the ground, just in ZERO G, making the rocks move more potentially.

FOIP & VOIP in game is another big feature of 3.3
They’ve been getting the facial tracking working with every type of face where possible, as everyone has different features the camera needs to know how to track them.
You are able to 1 button recalibrate at anytime. Useful if you put on glasses.
They have been getting various expressions translated and working too.
They are now working on the tracking sending of the audio and facial capture data to clients.
Audio have been further improving props moving, rolling, falling & with various materials making different sounds.
The have an early sound for FPS plasma weapons with the Karna Plasma Rifle.
As well as the Vanduul Energy Lance – Some cool early FPS vanduul here too.

They have been further improving animations, they can sync and stretch or shrink the animations to make movement smoother and make sense for the environment.
You might roll over a short obstacle or slide over a longer one.
It will also be used for AI/NPC movements too.
They have been getting 2 handed carrying animations looking good.
Allowing characters to carry many shape and sizes of items with 2 hands, in a variety of ways. Typically this takes 2 forms flat objects being gripped with the hands and thumbs and square or round objects being held at the sides.

FPS Missions and AI behaviors have been being tested in white box areas, with the AI being much better when it comes to pathing & engaging players.

Various Communities around the world have been running 50 player events where their org joins a server and they test mechanics like 50 people quantum jumping together and large scale ground FPS battles.