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Calling All Devs Summary – Missiles, 600i and Quantum Filters

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with A Summary of calling all devs from the 30th of July with info on 600i Changes, Missiles, HuD Makers, NPC Purchases & More.

600i Changes
There are still issues with the 600i in 3.2.1.
The ship has been given some larger components.
Weapon placement may be looked at in the future.
The 890 will be using all the feedback from the 600i and then once the 890 is flyable the 600i will get a polish pass.

When will Missiles Work?
There is a lot of work they want to do with missiles.
They want missiles to be used sparingly and for each type of missile to have more specific uses.
Missiles use a dumbed down version of IFCS called MGCS (missile guidance control system).
They are aware of issues with tracking, bouncing, UI problems and various others.
There will be various fixes for missiles in 3.3 focusing on the larger problems.
Multiple target locks, reliably hitting targets and them getting damaged correctly.
We did learn previously as well that missiles, thrusters & countermeasures all need converting over to the items 2.0 system still so this should help too once complete.

Quantum Travel / HUD Makers
They want different icons on your HUD for different types of locations.
There will be a filter allowing you to choose which of these types you want to show too.
They want it to be part of multi-crew, with a station course plotting & maps.
This won’t just be for travel but also they want it for an economy overlay, with places that have fuel or certain features.

NPC Purchases
They are working on the “bartender experience”
You’ll be able to buy items straight off NPCs, like drinks from a bar.
They are working out whether everything can be done via innerthought OR if it needs a more expansive UI.
Social areas like bars should feel alive with life. Shops will have NPC keepers that aren’t overly static.
There may be black markets, purchases from shady NPC traders & more.