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Mustang Updates & Calling All Devs Summary

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a summary of some of the Mustang Series Updates from RtV & Calling All Devs Weapons at Rest which looked at additions to the Stanton System, Maneuvering Thrusters & FPS Weapon resting positions.

ArcCorp is supposed to have an asteroid field & ArcCorp gateways sitting in between it and Crusader, the Aaron Halo.

The first release of ArcCorp won’t have this .

They are evolving their tech for asteroids and lighting.

They want it too look great with a star behind you & for areas of space to be extremely atmospheric. They don’t want asteroid fields to feel flat.

It will be added in seperate to ArcCorps release at a separate date, space will get a lot more detailed and full of interesting things going forward.


Maneuvering thrusters are overpowered at the moment. This means ships are able to move in atmosphere at the moment in ways that you should not be able to do.

Thrusters VFX are currently hard to see in daylight as they were originally designed for Space contrast, they need to …..

Maneuvering thrusters will be tuned appropriately, larger ships will need to really use their VTOL thrusters & orientate themselves when coming into atmosphere.

They are not actively designing Atmosphere Only and Aquatic/Amphibious at this time, so no concepts of those this year. That includes boats, submarines.

They are able to have weapon resting positions for FPS weapons.

NPC security may be moving around with weapons drawn BUT in a relaxed position.

The area & their alert level will affect their behavior & their stance.

In SQ42 they may dip your weapon down when pointing at a friendly, they are unlikely to enforce that in the PU tho.

The Mustang

The Pioneer influenced the Mustang rework, the UI is displayed on a single flat display, eventually this will have a 3d overlay on top of it.

The Wings fold up for landing & storage, so it has a much smaller landing/landed profile.

The Cockpit has great visibility.

You will be able to carry cargo for missions eventually.

The Cargo of the ship is visible from the exterior tho a transparent pane.

There is a cargo door/ramp that folds down to allow access to the Alpha’s 6 SCU.

It has 3 wheels for it’s landing gear now.

The materials & colors have been updated based on the Pioneer developing the CNOU manufacturer.

A lot of the improvements they have made to ships is by reducing the amount of geometry & instead use lots of techniques to improve the way ships look to make them significantly more resource efficient.

The beta has a habitation area behind the cockpit seat. There is a door leading to the area with a bed & sink, toilet/shower combo, on the other variants it’s blocked off (this takes up the cargo area that the Alpha has).

The Omega/Gamma have an addition engine in this area.

The Delta has nothing in this area, tho it has military grade components & additional rocket pods/mount.

The Alpha, Beta & Delta have a nose mount for 2x S1 weapons. They also have the ability to take an additional 2x S1 weapons on the wings.

The Racing Versions do not have a nose mount but instead an additional fuel intake.

The cockpit opens from the side.