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Star Citizen News | Free To Play Weekend & Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with a quick recap of the weeks goings on in Star Citizen & highlights with a Freefly, event, Around The Verse, The Mercury & Roadmap Updates.

Freefly –
There is currently still a freefly event on until the end of the 27th allowing anyone with a Star Citizen Account to try the game for free & also everyone new accounts and old gets access to a Dragonfly, Avenger Titan, Cutlass Black & Prospector.

You’ll need to visit the promo-page and enter the code GETINTOTHEVERSE, I’ll link it in the description below AND if signing up for a new account make sure you use a referral code to get some extra UEC the in game currency, if you go through it will use one of mine again links below.

The Roadmap has seen Repair v1 (previously manual repair in 3.5) get moved & added to Alpha 3.6 – The mechanics necessary for players to traverse to the exterior of larger ships to perform spot repairs on damaged hulls.

Other than that Alpha 3.3 – 3.6 haven’t seen any feature changes BUT there has been a huge amount of progress on the features planned for those updates.

There was a Ship Shape & RtV dedicated to the New Concept Ship the Mercury Star Runner a fast data runner and courrier ship suitable for smuggling. I’ve got a detailed summary of the ship on my channel, links below.

In Calling All Devs they talked about:

  • The Aaron Halo, which is a asteroid field between Crusader and Hurston, which will be added in later NOT in 3.3, Space will get more detail and in the short term Stanton will get more and more fleshed out with content and areas of interest.
  • Maneuvering thrusters are overpowered at the moment especially in Atmoshpere. They are working on a new IFCS/Flight Model, thrusters will be a lot more burdened in Atmosphere in the future.
  • NPCs will have various Animations & Stances they can have Resting Weapons at their sides or front & NPCs will React based on many factors such as the security of the area they are in, has there been anything that might alert them, are you acting suspiciously, what is their training level, who are they? For example at security or customs checkpoints NPCs may focus and react on you as you go thru a scanner and if they find something might point their guns at you. No problems then the security may still have their weapons relaxed at their sides.
  • They are Not actively designing Atmospheric Only OR Aquatic/Amphibious Vehicles at the moment.

In Around The Verse they talked about

  • UI Improvements
  • They are able to add new parts to & update the Missions & Contracts System easily. New Gameplay area or parts of missions will merge with the current pool.
  • Elevators & Transit is being worked on and the Loreville with some of this transit may be shown at CitizenCon.
  • FOIP & VOIP is being tested with various quality, compression levels & LOD culling based on whether you are proximate or communicating remotely via comms.
  • Asymmetrical Truck/Rest stops are having their exterior generation worked out
  • The Phoenix Internals have seen a lot of work as has it’s Landing Gear.
  • They are further improving mining with UI, Balance & various other updates.

Newsletter –

There was a sneak peek in the newsletter of some of the updated MFD UIs.