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CitizenCon Now Free2Watch & Game Design Plans

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, In today’s video CitizenCon is free for all to watch again, a quick roadmap update, a summary of some future mechanics and plans from RtV, an Emote Competition.

Latest Star Citizen Newsletter – CitizenCon 2948 Update

CitizenCon Updates 2.0
CitizenCon is saved WoooooHooo, so for those of you that don’t know CIG wanted to charge $10-20 for viewers to watch the CitizenCon stream live in the form of a digital ticket (like Blizzard do with BlizzCon), admittedly they were going to upload the videos to youtube afterwards ASAP tho for free. This caused some anger in the community, Chris Roberts Posted saying it was his decision and they’d compromise by having the Keynote Presentation (the main one we see every year) and the Closing Ceremony available for all Star Citizen Account Holders for free. (that’s anyone that makes an account, there is no paywall or requirements to buy anything)

However then Chris after Sleeping on it decided to make the whole event free to watch not just the Keynote & Closing again to anyone with a SC account.

“After sleeping on this, I am going to chalk this one up to experience.

We’re going to cut back on the live-streaming crew / costs but have both stages streamed for anyone with a Star Citizen user account.

Star Citizen Content Creators are welcome to rebroadcast our stream live.

If you would like to support the additional costs of streaming all the presentations, you can support the show by purchasing the CitizenCon digital goodies package (Imperators still get this as their October flair)”

So whether you were ok with CIG charging for virtual tickets or not, the situation has been resolved, if you wish to support CitizenCon further then you can buy a digital goodies pack

I suspect if anything is added digital wise at CitizenCon then it will make it’s way into the pack as well (UNCONFIRMED) but likely,

BUT everyone will have the ability to watch it… What I find odd now tho is will this just be on their website? They will get significantly less exposure if it is, why not host it on Youtube AND Twitch as well? Exposure = Money

I suspect the stream will look good enough, I suppose we will have to wait and see.

CitizenCon tickets for the event are also available again & opened up to a larger age range of backers.

Roadmap Updates
Roadmap wise there are no features slipping, everything for 3.3 seems to be making progress, the transit system has had some new tasks added to it and Object Container Streaming hasn’t seen much movement this week in the form of additional tasks completed anyway. Though all of the framework tasks for it are very nearly completed.

More Evocati Invites appear to have gone out as well, so if you were pretty active in the last PTU and 3.2.2 as well as submitting info on bugs on the issue council then check your email to see if you have been invited.

Reverse The Verse
When it comes to personal hangars and habs they are exploring having them all within the verse at the moment.
So there might be a limited number of rentable hangars & habs at each landing zone BUT also more public ones too, so you’d be able to land and have a ship put into storage still even if you don’t own a hangar there.

There will be more missions in 3.3.

When they make new missions, they build them in modular pieces, so they can mix and match them later. This is also true of the older missions, they are being built into the new modular mission system.

Potentially for 3.4 we may be able to share contracts and missions. This will be dependant on how much progress is made between now and December.

Clovis gives a mix of lawful/outlaw missions

Recco will be salvage oriented – more lawful

Typically Strong Lawful missions will be from big orgs

Outlaw missions are typically going to be from direct messages OR 1 on 1 talks with an NPC.

Long range scanning is going to be tied to exploration, you’d go to an area, open up your long range scope and wait for data to arrive then you’d start to see anomales & POI.

Shorter Range scanning is typically up to 50k away and they are working on that currently with pinging and scanning.

The FPS map is important for navigation on planets and on the ground. Eventually we will be able to zoom all the way into the surface of a planetary body.

They are looking into nav beacons.

Scramble Races – They may have the laws of the areas allow for scramble races, meaning you wouldn’t get a crimestat for attacking a rival.

In the Short term Quantum Fuel will be available at Landing Zones, Rest Stops & Starfarers.

They are going through a full fuel rebalancing with 3.3, they will do constant adjustments.

They’ve been working on Roads, but Todd wasn’t 100% sure where they are.

The PU should be large enough you can avoid most NPCs and players if you really wanted to.

In the future we should be able to trade and share UEC / Items through service beacons or some other interface.

Work has yet to begin on the Carrack, DISCO WILL ANNOUNCE ASAP WHEN THE CARRACK is started / updated.

Once they have more hands on experience with their modular systems they will look at players potentially operating space stations. They will need to look at implementation and what makes sense. Lots of conversations with CR, TZ and TP need to be had.

Missions may have alerts and warnings, saying you might want to bring a combat ship… your Aurora may not be appropriate.

There will be environmental space hazards / weather – cloud tech, weather systems, the coil.

Meteor Storms and things are also something they’d like to get in too

They are making a ton of fictional brands and adverts.

Repairing, refueling, rearming will all take time in the future.

They want to do large story events, experiences, wars and interesting things happening. In the PU.

Command and Control gameplay has been talked about working out how some of the basic mechanics will need to work. Having a map you can interact with and command to attack certain targets. Big ships are coming very soon.

Todd wants to get the Connie working fully first.

Entering no fly zones in 3.3 will warn you that you are entering a no fly zone, around Lorevile for example you’ll be able to go to a landing zone BUT try to fly too far into the city, you’ll get a red blergh on your screen and eventually die / hit a wall.

They want to make sure players can’t be griefed. This will evolve.

Emote Competition
There is an emote competition being run until the 16th of September for CitizenCon ticket holders. You need to record an emote that you’d like to appear in the game & CIG will pick upto 4 of these as winners. Who will then be given the opportunity to direct a professional Mo-cap actor, live in front of the CitizenCon Audience.

The Sneak Peek this week is of a Utilitarian Hangar