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BoredGamer September Update | New Star Citizen & CitizenCon Content

Welcome to a BoredGamer Channel Update for September looking at my Star Citizen Content plans.

I am also going to be putting up a Strawpoll as I’ll be asking what sort of content you’d like to see in the short term as well as giveaway prizes and that sort of thing, in response to what I am talking about in this video.

New Thumbnails
I am standardizing my thumbnails, thanks to my Patreon’s, Discord, Youtube Sponsors & some peeps on Twitter for helping narrow down what I am doing, I may evolve them a little more BUT the idea is to convey as much info at a glance.

New Giveaway
This month’s Giveaway is for a Sabre Raven, Star Citizen Game Package & CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack.

The winner is chosen from a Channel Subs Comment, 1 entry or comment is counted per sub per video, this can be a reply & it’s videos made during that month. So you could have a billion post conversation on 1 video BUT only get 1 entry BUT if you were active on multiple videos you’d have more of a chance.

I do have a spam filter, so bare that in mind, you can’t game the system by copying and pasting comments to loads of videos.

The idea for me is I want to get people’s comments, feedback and interaction where possible.

In regards to Giveaways as well, do people prefer, multiple starter packages to be given away each month, a single large ship, do they want variety in the types of ship from month to month.

Content wise this month, I am thinking of covering summaries of each of the official shows as individual videos & trying to get those out a bit quicker, so individual videos of Calling All Dev, AtV, RtV if there is info in there, I’d also like to know other peoples opinions on what they’d like to see the most (in the short term) when it comes to other topics, so I’ve included a Strawpoll in the description below.

So that’s things like:

A short compressed recap of the week, going over briefly the highlights of week.

Gameplay – Looking at each of the missions, gameplay loops & multiplayer.

Drama – Lawsuits, Community Concern, Outrage – Covered Reasonably.

Related Hardware News – New Graphics Cards, Budget Builds.

Related Peripherals and Controllers – HOTAS, Joystick, Controller Reviews.

Org Spotlights – Looking at some SC Organisations & getting interviews with their leaders

Meta & Gameplay Guides – Not something I think is super appropriate yet BUT

Patch Notes – Literally a Summary of new Patch notes

PTU Journal – A quick play and summary of the additions and bugs during a PTU phase of a patch in this case 3.3 (once it is 1st wave PTU)

SC Gameplay Streams

SC Chat & Info Streama

Other Games
I am interested in what games people are interested in coming out in the next few months:

I’ve pretty much done Monster Hunter I’ve got about 200 hours in that & it was awesome, just waiting for more content to be available.

I’ll be taking a look at SCUM, 7 Days 2 Die is getting an update & I’ll be covering the early release of that updated build as soon as the devs have it ready to go, on my stream with a load of the BoredGamer Streamers being coached by Cameron who is actually pro at the game. We try to survive for like 21 – 28 days on the hardest settings without cheesing it.

Fallout 76, Anthem, GTFO they are all games I’d like to do some streams of too.

Preferably multiplayer at least semi-coop games, send me suggestions.

CitizenCon Coverage
So on the 10th of October is CitizenCon, I am away on holiday BUT I’ll be jumping on to do some CitizenCon Coverage still. I’ll get a summary up of the Keynote, potentially some enhanced footage of any gameplay, patch notes for 3.3 LIVE.

Then a couple of days after – Individual Breakdowns of each of the Panels.

Do people want a watch party?

With content and the channel growing in mind, I am looking to employ zin at some point to do a range of art, editing, streaming, video stuff, scripting and more full time.
This will mean I will have a lot more time to do more, multiplayer SC content, get better footage, stream.

Monthly Report
We will be getting a Star Citizen monthly report I think later this week, some updates on SQ42 too potentially.
With the Monthly Report, I’ll get a quick summary done when it comes out.

Sponsors / Ads
I am planning to take control of Ads and Sponsorships looking at having videos sponsored with mentions of something, so this video is brought to you by a VPN or something like that at the end of a video, I don’t want Long Non-Skippable Ads on my any of Youtube videos either,  at the start or end that seem to have appeared on a lot of videos I watch SO I will try to ensure that my videos don’t have that. There is nothing more annoying than having to watch a 30+ second ad before you can watch any content AND that ad might not even be to do with PCs or Gaming.

I get asked regularly certain questions too so I’d thought I’d answer them here month to month as they change:
I have never been paid by CIG for anything, they have given me a tea cup and saucer tho on an office tour. 

The other thing is I’d need to be able to be free to say and do what I wanted & fully disclose anything. I saw the other day an Nvidia Sponsored Streamer lost his sponsorship and Gaming Rig they had given him because he spoke out about NOT Pre-Ordering their Graphics Cards BEFORE YOU SEE THE 3rd Party Benchmarks and Real Gains of the cards. That sort of stuff is monstrous. I need to be free to say people are stupid sometimes or I hate something!

My favorite ship is the Reclaimer, tho I am super looking forward to the 890 J just for looking at it & my recommended ship for peeps to buy is either the Mustang Alpha or the Avenger Titan. The Mustang is faster and more agile than the Aurora, which is what I would want in a Starter ship, it can’t use missiles BUT I suspect you’ll be able to grind up faster to a new ship… The Titan is the ship I’d want to grind up to, it allows you to do everything a starter ship can do but better.

I think Star Citizen’s PU will go into something resembling a BETA in 2 – 2 ½ years.

SQ42 Episode 1 I hope we will get some indication of a release date at CitizenCon BUT I am hoping by the end of 2019.

Health wise – I had a kidney infection which is cleared up BUT I had a lot of pain around my back and they’ve been giving me loads of tests BUT my new Herman Miller Aeron Chair seems to have literally alleviated 99% of my pains.

I do have a BoredGamer SC Org I will be making more active at some point in the future.

Feel free to find it and request membership, it’s going to be used for social purposes and filming of content.

I also wanted to mention the CitizenCon outrage again, some people criticized me for both sides of:

You’re not hard enough on CIG, hold them more to account, to You are entitled, Good streams cost money.

I want to cover Star Citizen News, Drama and the Project in an factual way, I want to look at multiple sides to the discussion, explain them briefly and present the news as facts where possible on those subjects. I will be outraged or angry WHEN I actually feel outraged, I don’t want to be manufacturing outrage or pretending something is a bigger deal than it is.

As a Backer I want responsiveness and results from the Star Citizen Devs AND if possible them being a bit more pro-active when it comes to certain thing, especially the marketing of digital purchases a huge amount of controversy manufactured or not could be avoided with a little more communication, community discussion and CIG testing the water with ideas when it comes to land claims for sale, digital stream tickets, referral competitions.

Actually a large % of my time is spent reading Posts on the Star Citizen Reddit, Spectrum & other forums, watching videos from other creators & critics of the project AND researching any news that is relevant. That is in addition to the official content CIG/RSI put out.

I actually probably do this more than I actually play the game at the moment.

Please checkout the strawpoll.