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Plans For Persistent Universe & New Star Systems

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a Summary of Calling All Devs – From Frankfurt with Love where they gave us info on Tessa Bannister the currently AFK mission giver, Alarms/Alerts on Ships & a hefty bit of info on Plans for the Stanton System and New Systems after that.

Tessa Bannister – The original quest chain giver was removed in 3.0
They still have plans for her as a mission giver.
She is currently voice only, they only recorded her voice.
They might record more lines OR lip sync them to an actor.
They want to bring her back.
They are working on voice comms and picture in picture, so if for some reason they keep her as a disembodied voice they’d have to have a reason for that BUT they want players to see her as well really.

Alarms & Alerts
They want to have ship proximity alarms, so if you are away from the cockpit or main seat you’ll be made aware if a ship or contact is detected.
They will have that audio being played out of multiple points around your ship.
Potentially this could be a notification on your HUD too.
Also they want a security MFD screen / console on various ships that would tell you any important security information too
You’ll be able to control doors, lock, close and open them, vent/refill atmosphere, turn on/off gravity.
Rooms will sound alarms typically before being depressurized (they may be able to be able to turn alarms off). They have very basic depressurization at the moment with the room system. They are working on further functionality to this at the moment.

Plans for the Persistent Universe
After The Stanton System is done they will begin getting some new systems in game.
Terra, Pyro & Mangus systems are on their minds (these are systems connected to stanton)
Tho it doesn’t preclude them working on another system and connecting them in the short term via a Jump Point
The Nyx System also has Levski already completed (which is currently in the Stanton System & will be moved out later)
They want to select systems that allow the to continue advancing their tech and make sense for adding gameplay loops and mechanics.
Terra is the Centre of UEE and a hugely built up Area.
Pyro is Pirate Land & been Stripped mined out. They also need to build out lava/magma for this.
Magnus is where Drakes HQ is.

Plans for The Stanton System
Stanton has 4 Major landing Zones. Areas like Pyro might have none or 1.
They chose the Stanton System as the first system to fully build in the PU because it gives them a huge amount of biomes, props & common elements that can then be used in every other system. Once finished they will have the majority of parts to build out all the other systems, planets and areas very rapidly.
They will need to create some more biomes, hero assets and building sets but a huge amount will be able to be used from Stanton.
They are working on getting Loreville (Hurston) out now for 3.3, they already know what they need to do with Area18 (ArcCorp)
Then they will be moving onto MicroTech & New Babbage as well as Crusader & Orison (which requires finished gas cloud tech)

I also want to point out that the Gameplay area and systems from SQ42 Ep1 also will be subsumed into Star Citizen’s PU so the Odin System which was show in the SQ 42 VS has large portions complete if not already entirely finished.
There was the Moon Gainey, Various assets, gates, POI and props in space, the giant Shubin Mining Station Archon, mega clouds and asteroid fields, scrap and debris fields, facilities with a huge amount of modular pieces.
And that’s just from the Vertical Slice.