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Around The Verse Summary – Banutiful & Habulous

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a summary of Around the Verse – Banutiful and Habulous that looked at habs and gameplay area

On the 22nd of September there is a Star Citizen Fan Convention Con42
It’s in mulheim Germany, so if you are in the area check it out.

Player habs are getting more developed.
They are currently doing a lighting pass on them.
The Hab area is a lobby and then the individual apartments.
The lighting in those areas will draw you up the stairs to the main hab rooms & then to the individual doorways there.
There may be some choice of what style of lighting a player has in these habs too.
They aren’t huge rooms, but massive compared to the cupboards we had at port olisar & grimhex.

2 of ArcCorps Moons Lyria and Walla were shown off in their conceptual stage.
Wala is a barren moon with outcrops of geode like minerals.
Lyria is covered in dirty ice with deep craverasses & cryovolcanoes.

Drop Off lockers will allow you to complete pickup and fetch quests much more easily.
Collecting and Delivering Cargo boxes will both be handled by these some of the time.
They have a shutter door and a small screen. You interact with the screen, then you can pickup or dropoff your box. You can only use them if you are on an appropriate mission & are at the right locker.
The subsumption system chooses which locker OR lockers will be used in the mission.
There is some UI work that needs to be completed to get this into 3.3.

They are finishing off the common hangar element props.
They’ve created various signage for Lorville.

Motion Warping, they add warp points to assets that then enables the translated animations to be used for that asset in game, basically making the movement look accurate and correct.
This allows for quick additions and iterations of animations for a variety of situations.

The Hammerhead is nearing the end of it’s final art phase. Lighting States have been recently completed for the ship.
The Banu Defender has been completely blocked out in whitebox. The interior is now in the greybox phase.