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Star Citizen News & Weekly Recap 9th September

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with a recap of the week’s goings on upto the 9th of September:
A summary of CaDs, AtV, RtV, The Weekly Newsletter, Roadmap Updates as well as an update to the CryTek v SC Case, The Monthly Report and Sub Flair.

This week’s Sneak Peek in the Newsletter was the TrueDef-Pro Armor coming in 3.3.

Roadmap Updates
A feature has been removed from the Roadmap Manual Repair, tho it is likely that it has just been absorbed into the Repair v1 Feature coming with Alpha 3.6.
3.3 small rest stops, asteroid mining & SM/AC Rec Rentals have seen a some additional tasks added.
“Improvements to Retrieval and Delivery missions”, “Improvements to Mining on Planetary Bodies” & AI Search Behavior are now in the polishing phases.
The rest of the Features for 3.3 for the most part are making steady progress.
3.3s Alpha LIVE Release is planned for the 10th of October with a Evocati / PTU phase potentially a couple of weeks before.
3.4 saw the Moons of ArcCorp get a lot of work completed.
3.5 saw some work to the Banu Defender and 3.6 saw no movement this week.

Monthly Report
We had the monthly report which I’ll quickly highlight a couple of the more interesting points:

“they’re almost complete on the Teasa Spaceport interior with its new shop archetype, the Ship Rental Store.” That’s very likely meaning we will have Rentalable Ships with aUEC in the PU, what will rentable mean exactly, well I don’t know for sure BUT I am assuming it will be paying aUEC for a ship for a limited timeframe and if they get destroyed you lose them. That would be my expectation.

They’ve also started looking at (MicroTech) with it’s various frosty biomes, The Dynamic Economy is getting a lot of love with “economic status of resources to affect pricing of materials and items”

Calling All Devs Summary
There are plans to re-add Tessa Bannister, the Original Quest Giver, in some form.
There will be Alarms and Alerts for ships and objects coming into range to give you some warning if you are elsewhere in your ship or to wake you up. Depressurization in rooms will have an alert too.
There will be security control MFDs giving you internal ship info and allowing for control of doors, depressurization, gravity.
After Stanton is complete they may look at a proximate system to move onto : Terra, Pyro or Magnus.
Stanton has given them a huge range of assets to use for building out other systems, but the next one they choose to complete will also be the smart choice for evolving their biomes, assets and gameplay features.

Around The Verse Summary
Player Habs, Hangars, Loreville, signage and Hurston are all getting various work done & bits finished for the 3.3 Release.
ArcCorp’s Moons Lyria and Walla were shown off in their conceptual stage.
Drop Off lockers will be in 3.3 as well allowing for much easier access to pickup, drop off and fetch quests.
They are able to very quickly translate animations for characters traversing any appropriate obstacle using motion warping.
The Hammerhead is nearing the end of it’s final art phase.
The Banu Defender has been completely blocked out in whitebox & is in Greybox.

Reverse The Verse Summary
RtV looked to answer some Questions about OCS as well as it’s implementation in 3.3.
We will be getting client side OCS which will reduce ram usage and potentially give us some good performance gains. However additional server side tech is also needed to make full use of it and this is the 1st iteration of OCS, it will continue to evolve. This means that Servers may be under higher load until the Server Side OCS comes online in the future.

Crytek v Star Citizen MtD to SACSummary Reddit
In the continuing Crytek v CIG lawsuit, CIG put in another partial MtD for the new Crytek Complaint basically that “CIG are promoting a competing game engine”. Crytek’s claim uses some creative interpretation of the word promoting from part of their GLA, as when taken in context it looks it is referring to protecting Crytek from CIG building a Game Engine and then selling it / licensing it out. We should know more on the 12th of October at which time

There is also a Scheduling Conference about the case to plan out any discovery (requesting document & depositions, among other bits) that may take place.

Sub Stuff
Flair for RSI Subscribers this month is a Helmet a Red one for Standard Subs, and a Red & a Blue one for Imperators.
All RSI Subs also have access to the Blade this month.