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Planet Earth & Ship Customization Plans

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a Summary of Calling All Devs – A Wilmslow Odyssey covering… Planet Earth, Non-Lethal Weapons & Expressive Ship Customization.

Creating Planet Earth
Earth requires some more planetary/biome tech & development to do correctly.
It has vastly different biomes. Antarctic, to urban to desert to fields, jungles, various flora and fauna.
They are constantly developing their planetary tech and adding more biomes as they go as, so the development of other planets & systems gets them closer to being able to tackle Earth.
Hurston coming with 3.3 has a much larger scale, huge cities, water and new biomes for example. I suspect that Earth might be one of the last human planets that gets completed, the describe it as an end goal / distant planet.

Non-Lethal Weapons
Distortion Weapons deal damage to & disable ships systems.
In the future they want distortion damage to be in the FPS side of the game, so you can disable equipment, huds, visors.
Tasers and Tranqualizers aren’t specifically planned BUT they are going to have some kind of non-lethal bounty hunting tools.
At the moment in game they have people being able to pass out through lack of oxygen.
Consumables, buffs, debuffs, they can go down various routes for incapacitating players. BUT they are still working out what they want for Bounty Hunting Gameplay and Non-Leathal Weapons still as well as keeping their options open.

Ground Based Navigation
They have been focusing more on Core Gameplay and FPS movement rather than Navigation. Once they’ve fleshed out some more of those core features then they will move onto it.
They can have gadgets for navigation, compasses, additions for the HUD and/or mobiGlas.
We will have ways of more easily finding our way around planets & moons, they just don’t know what exactly yet.

Ship Customization
You’ll be able to customize a ships exterior colors, this will be pretty basic but you may have the choice of a few areas of the ship to paint OR a few color options allowing you to have a more uniformed ship with your org for example. It’s not going to be complex ship skin designs from the player customization POV.
You’ll have some options with the glass on ships too, which will impact the internal lighting.
Ship internals are made up of multiple materials so changing the color schemes there is harder (it’s not off the table, it’s just not being done right now).
They want to be able to get text on your ships too, so you could have your ships name or org on there or have some numbers.
Interior light states will be changeable and choose-able by the player too, like red warning lights.
Dirt and wear will affect the interior and exterior of a ship.
Dirt is just aesthetic but will build up over time.
Wear will affect functionality of every individual component.
They are not linked BUT do both build up overtime. You’ll be able to clean your ship and repair / replace components.
Some ships will have various furniture options, the Phoenix can have a conference table OR a piano for example.
It sounds like in the current thinking furniture for ships is relatively modular BUT you may be locked to certain options.
Bedsheets, furniture sets, pictures basically minor furniture customization.

My Thoughts
I am personally happy with a few different high quality options for furniture and decoration inside ships. We should still be able to place things on tables like planets, bobble heads, chess boards and some more functional items too like calendars and clocks maybe.
They were talking about having some choice of decals on the exterior of ships too potentially.
And Earth is a big planet for them to tackle but it sounds like it’s not necessary for Squadron 42 which I suspect is set in just a couple of systems, we know Odin is one of them.
Object Container Streaming for the large areas then ArcCorp for massive cities should give them a big step toward that goal BUT they are going to need to make a ton of biomes and make them blend properly too. OR they could just make Earth a very pretty city planet.