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Alpha 3.3 Patch Split – Object Container Streaming Delayed to 3.3.5

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, 3.3 has been split into 2 patches 3.3 and 3.3.5 and we had a host of updates from Around The Verse, this video is a summary of that and some other news.

Patch 3.3.5
As of recording this the Evocati 3.3 is not out, BUT it literally could be any hour now.
And on AtV they confirmed their intentions for the patch in a little more detail.
There will be 2 builds one with OCS and 1 without for that testing phase.

The LIVE build they have planned will now be split into 2 patches.
3.3 LIVE for the 10th of October & 3.3.5 coming as soon as it’s ready.
3.3.5 will have Object Container Streaming & all associated features that depend on it.
This will include Hurston, it’s moons, Loreville, potentially Rest Stops.

Leaving 3.3 with the rest, so ships, missions, FOIP/VOIP, weapons, FPS AI & AI Improvements, Scramble Races, Degradation, Asteroid Mining, Pinging and Scanning Updates and quite a bit more.
They haven’t confirmed when the .5 patch will be out BUT it requires more testing & tweaking to get it into the game correctly.
The Roadmap will be updated to reflect this soon & show us exactly what’s moving where from 3.3 to 3.3.5.

I’m sure some People are going to call me a Patch Delay Apologist BUT we are getting a 3.3 patch on time HOWEVER with those core features stripped out, I hope that means that the first implementation of OCS will see more work and be significantly better because of it.
It may lead to a much more refined patch for 3.3.5. I don’t know if the Renting of Ships in the PU was dependant on Hurston BUT I suspect it was. That is a bit disappointing BUT it’s really about OCS is not ready for that October 10th release, it’s ready when it’s ready and if that is only a couple of weeks later, great! If it’s a couple of months then I’d be a bit more disappointed. I am happy that they didn’t wait till October 10th to tell us that this was their plan tho.

Around The Verse Summary
Navigation and Route lists are being integrated with the mobiGlas.
They are working out how best to indicate your travel distance, how to show you the distance you can travel with your current fuel.

You’ll be able to select a location on the starmap and it will create a highway of points & jumps to get you to your selected destination.
The system will plot a route around stella objects & show you where you run out of fuel.
And show you all of the waypoints in your route.
Here the grey line is how far you have traveled, green the rest of the current waypoints (that you have fuel for) red is where you would have no fuel left to QT.
The functionality of this will evolve based on user feedback.

They also been adding multiple group chat functions to the mobiGlas for better organization and communications.

Wala a Moon of ArcCorp has seen more work beyond it’s concept art.
They are exploring new mining mechanics.

Star Systems in Star Citizen are 1-10th scale. They prototyped this scale with our own Solar System. Planets & Moons are 1-6th Scale. So they are relatively bigger. Suns / Stars are at 1 to 1 scale. If you were on Mercury, you’d feel like you were NEXT to the Sun.
In the Stanton System (the current PU) the Star is bigger and Crusader has shrunken.
On planets and through atmosphere you’ll be able to see these objects looking quite large, planets, moons, stations and the Star… The Star is the main light source for the whole of a Star System and it’s light will be affected by the atmospheres it shines through. They want SC to look cool and not for planets or moons to just be dots in the sky, so this scale and positioning helps with that.

They have been testing and tweaking the Scramble Races more, Lights for ground vehicles have been improved for more visibility. The Cyclones wheels are more durable & will get shot off a bit less. Grav-Lev Vehicles cannot enter SCM mode while in a Scramble Race, so they can’t fly off to victory. They are working on Dragonfly & Cyclone passengers being able to fire from their seats.

Ship Updates
The F8 Lightning was shown off, it’s just had some updates to it’s enter and exit animations.
The Pilots position in the cockpit has been raised up too for better visibility.
We’ll see the ship in game after SQ42 Ep1 is released.

The Anvil Hawk light Bounty Hunter is being built out in white box.
The cockpit is done, they are finishing the exterior then it will go to GreyBox sometime in October.

The Hammerhead is having more work done to it’s VFX and damage states. The Ship is looking great. The Hammerhead has got bigger and has the addition of a 2nd deck.

Other News
There is a Flash Sale currently on the Gladius, Sabre, Super Hornet, Freelancer MIS & Hammerhead are all available for a limited time as are there CCUs/Upgrades in the store.

CitizenCon Newsletter
A Newsletter went out to everyone that bought a CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack, offering pre-orders for the exclusive CitizenCon T-shirt… The images  that are Redacted could be something like the new concept sale?