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Calling All Devs Summary, Evocati 3.3 & Mining on Foot

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a summary of Calling All Devs – Mr. Steal Yo Data & the Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 Evocati update is now out.

Evocati 3.3
Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 has gone out to the Evocati (the early NDA’d testers), they are busy testing various bits of the content coming with the LIVE build. The build is under NDA for me so I can’t talk about or share specifics, it will be going out to first wave PTU release once it’s been thoroughly tested and the major bugs have been hammered out. Typically with the ETF they’ll get part of a build & testing focus on specific bugs and gameplay, then have more of the patch features added daily & it’s not uncommon to have 2 builds in a single day to download and test. If you can’t live without knowing the leaks I’ll link Noobifier’s video down below, he is not an Evocati member like I am so can talk about any leaks from the patch, take anything with a pinch of salt tho, as these leaks might not be accurate OR not in context with other info the Evocati might receive.

Mining on Foot
They are looking into mining on foot / by hand.
They are currently working on mining rocks and asteroids with the prospector & then will move onto salvaging mechanics. After that they will be looking at mining again.
There is a couple of things they might add to mining on the FPS side, aiding mining with items, so a device that lowers the rocks resistance OR helps mine it faster BUT you have to EVA out of your ship to do that.
They are also looking at actual FPS mining, so ways players might be able to collect and mine by with tools on foot. This could take the form of deposits having a small amount of a rare resource and you’d get a better yield from the rock by doing part of the work by hand.

Data Hacking
Hacking may allow you to steal various info from ships like mapping & location data. This data will be transferable so other players can share it and use.
There will be protections from hacking too or at least ways to slow it down and counter it.
The example they give is if a miner is EVA-ing out to do some work on a rock, a ship might stealth in and hack their ship unaware, stealing their mapping data and locations of some mineable asteroids.

Origin 350r Rework
The 350r is only slightly larger after it’s rework. It should still be one of the fastest ships in game in SCM/Afterburner. There is more room to fit components, a bed BUT overall it has not changed much from it’s role. It’s larger and less agile than the dedicated racers BUT is the fastest.

Lynx Rover
The Lynx is scheduled at the moment for mid 2019. This may change.

Calling All DevsThe official CIG show where a large amount of info comes from each week picks it’s questions that it poses to devs to answer from a community thread.
These questions are then upvoted and they choose the highest voted questions to try and get answers for from appropriate Devs. This means that sometimes Disco (who runs the show) will be pursuing a question for a while trying to get an appropriate answer for it. They won’t ignore a “upvoted” question, they just make take a while to answer it, sometimes CaDs is an inappropriate medium for an answer as well, they might be saving something for a presentation for example.