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Constellation Phoenix Tour

Welcome to Some more Star Citizen, in Reverse The Verse and in a Spectrum Post CIG talk about the Constellation Phoenix, it’s changes from its original concept and what it’s going to have going into 3.3 with a bit of a tour of the ship.

There is still some tasks left for the Phoenix, mostly bugs, polishing and tweaks.
The Phoenix inside and out is pretty unique.
The forward section of the ships geometry is reskinned & has materials changes, essentially re-using parts from the other variants, the body and the rear tho is bespoke inside and out.
The ship is about 10% longer and 14% wider than a typical Constellation.

The Foyer
The Symbol is the Phoenix Constellation.
Wooden Floors –  The materials look expensive to install
There are 2 guest bedrooms
Each with a Fish tank, Bed & TV
They are small but sealed rooms

Large open spaces, fish tanks (with a little wrecked mk1 phoenix in it)
Viewing areas, with comfortable seating
Communal sitting areas with TVs
Chairs are HQ leather styled
There’s a large detailed fully stocked bar, marble countertops
The cabinets are not currently operable / they can make them functional if they want to
It has a dishwasher
There is a large skylight above the whole of the Lounge area.

You can replace the conference table with the Hartwell Music sentinel 88g (a Piano)
You’ll be able to swap them out via the mobiglas OR some form of console in the future. Just like you would a weapon or item. At the moment backers from 2014 who bought a pheonix or Piano will have a Piano available once they can be switched out.
They actually want the piano to play music, and the keys to move/flash when it’s playing music. It will show some form of song info too, like the Western Styled Autoplay ones. Sounds like it might play songs that CIG have the rights to?

Hot Tub
Opposite the Master bedroom at the end of the Lounge is the Hottub, it can be closed and covered up. At the moment it’s a Placeholder, they are working on the metrics and animation at the moment.
Closing the Hot Tub with people in, might cause them to clip through at the moment.
The hot tub water won’t be in 3.3, they are working on it, they need to get water working inside internal physics grids first, eventually we will have water in zero G.

The Master bedroom
Frosted Glass on the exterior, but it’s viewable from the interior.
Same technique on the exterior windows for the ship too. The 600i uses this too.
Much larger room than the guest bedroom, with a huge bed.

Other Rooms
Further down has access to the Parasite ship,
Comes with the P-72 Archimedes, can be swapped for the P-52

There is a Drop Elevator to Cargo bay, right outside the master bedroom allowing you to move around the ship more easily

The Cargo bay has around 80 SCU – Will fit the Lynx or Ursa Rover – The Cyclone Base Models should fit (tho it’s unconfirmed)

The Bath Room is located in the Neck Area of the ship.

They will be adding a remote turret to the ship later. 3.3 will be missing this turret.
This turret replaces what was called the “point defense system” AND can be AI controlled via a Computer Blade.

The Phoenix has better armor than the Andromeda BUT not by much.

The Phoenix has a different stock loadout, with competition/luxury grade components (previously it was going to have a larger PP than the rest of the Constellations BUT the sizing of components changed, so it just has a better type and quality now), it has the same (weapon & component) hardpoints as the Andromeda OTHER than the additional turret.

Tho I would like to say, that there is the potential that it might have better Life Support and Computers than the other constellations too.

Bunk & Bridge
There is still a Bunk Area (with 4 beds it looks like), which leads me to believe that the Life Support systems might be better to support the bunks and potential VIPs you might have in the guest bedrooms. It still has the kitchen, locker and bunk room with lift access by the bridge JUST with updated materials and colors. This might get some updates tho.

Again the bridge will have updated materials, leather chairs but similar to the standard Connie. The Co-Pilot Seat will have C&C functionality eventually too, originally this was quite a unique feature BUT a lot of ships will be able to do this with the right components in the future.

The Emerald is just a color variation for the Phoenix.

In Regard to the Cargo Hold of the Phoenix
The Taurus has an additional “smugglers” cargo hold. The other Constellations do not.
Originally the Phoenix was also supposed to have a sensor dampened Cargo hold and some other additional features too, HOWEVER on Spectrum CIGs Disco Lando did put a post up about some of the changes on that were made to the ship: