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Star Citizen News Recap | 3.3 Evocati OCS Tests & Phoenix

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, with a recap of the weeks shows and info this time of the week ending the 30th of September.

Sneak Peek this week is of the new Attrition Laser Repeaters

The 3.3 Patch is out to the Evocati, they are currently testing both 3.3 with and without Object Container Streaming. Object Container Streaming is still pegged for the 3.3.5 patch & all features for 3.3 and 3.3.5 have been making solid progress, with most of the 3.3 features now in the polishing phase.

Calling All Devs
Mining on Foot & via EVA will be a thing, they might have ways that you can help ship mining by attaching a device, thus reducing a rocks resistance, they may also have the ability to extract materials by hand too.
Data Hacking will allow you to steal tangible information and mapping data from players, there will be ways to prevent or slow it down too.
With the 350R Rework, the ship is still planned to be the fastest Racer.
The Lynx Rover is scheduled for work mid 2019.

Around The Verse
Scramble Races in Space will take place in Asteroid Arenas, these will have some low level lights dotted around so you can see in otherwise very dark areas, they also are working on lighting for the whole of the stanton system, making sure you aren’t in a pitch black can’t see anything situation.

Rest Stops can now be generated with various interiors and exteriors. There are internal hangars which can fit Starfarers, pads to land on and a variety of shops, color schemes and liveries, we should see a few of them in 3.3 and more in 3.3.5

Power Systems for ships are getting more complex, you can set defaults for power settings for which of your systems will do based on the amount of power you are generating. If you lose some power then systems will turn off in a specific order. You’ll also be able to entirely manually tweak settings and power level to components on the fly.

Audio has worked on Karna Rifle, Footstep sound and weight distribution and the audio focus where by you hear sounds more clearly if you are looking at the source of the sound.

There was a Mocap Pickup Shoot recently for some NPC in 3.3, 3.3.5 and CitizenCon, this will add various animations & performances to the Verse.

Reverse The Verse – Constellation Phoenix
The Phoenix luxury version of the Constellation has a hot tub, large lounge area, will have the option in the future to swap furniture out for items like a piano.
It has 80SCU of cargo space, they are looking at the potential of making it’s cargo bay “dampened” from sensors in the future.
It will be getting an additional remote turret in the future that can be AI Controlled.
The Ship is about 10% longer and 14% wider than the Andromeda.
All its materials have a luxury vibe. From the looks of it, it can support 7 passengers/crew as it has 2 guest bedrooms, a captains room and 4 bunk beds.

Other News
CitizenCon Tickets have been sold out.
I’ll get a video up with some expectations and preparation for CitizenCon, there has been a few teasers on Twitter from CIG. Big Boxes and parts of Drake Vehicles.