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Salvage, Banu Merchantman & Coordinates Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, with a Summary of Calling All Devs (1st October) that went over, plans for coordinates, Salvage, the Banu MM & Players as Cargo.

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They are still planning out how coordinates work, they could have them for the whole starmap, nested coordinates OR what is more likely
They will probably reset for each system, so stanton, the star there would be 0,0, as would the Sun, Sol.
Once they have confirmed exactly how they want to do that.
They can then start to track and implement.
The worry is that coordinates might be extremely long or unwieldy
They might have sectors in space & on planets , so you will know where something within a reasonable area. You may have to go there an scan to find out exactly where something is.
So they are trying to find ways to present coordinate data, that is useable & not overly long winded as well as where do they show it, on the screen, HUD or mobiGlas.
The system should be able to give you a pinpoint position BUT be easy to handle.

T0 Salvage will have you converting whatever you salvage into raw material, you won’t be able to extract fuel out of a fuel tank or get everything that the item contained, you are basically putting everything in a big grinder.
For future implementations they are not ruling out special equipment, so maybe you will be able to drain fuel out of a ship.
Potentially the Vulcans drones may be able to extract fuel from ships.
Once they have finished with Asteroid Mining they are moving on to salvage.

Banu MM
The MM hasn’t changed from it’s original intent. It’s one of the most anticipated ships they have. It’s a trading ship with shops on board allowing you to buy and sell. It’s suitable for an Org headquarters & has a large amount of space for player to live there, short term accommodation for guests. It’s got big guns.
One of the things they want to clear up is that it won’t be fast, it’s a big armoured, ships with guns, it’s not zippy.
There is some interplay between the Banu MM and Defender that haven’t announced yet, I am assuming it will allow for the refueling, rearming and repairing of a defender OR allow them to temp dock with the MM, something like that.

NPCs / Players as Cargo
Human Trafficking and Humans as cargo is not currently on the roadmap.
Bounty Hunting will be supported in some form.
They are fleshing out the roadmap and bounty hunting is part of that, they are going to be working out the T0 implementation of Bounty Hunting first, then they will look at NPC/Players as cargo and how the capture mechanics may evolve, but no slave trading in the near future.
They want you to be able to bounty hunt players and NPCs but not to drastically affect the gameplay of those you have caught.
Selling players off… probably not a thing.

Buy Back tokens have just been allocated to backers accounts, meaning you can repurchase most things you have previously melted using store credit.