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Star Citzien 3.3 Now with Object Container Streaming, Again!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, there is some new plans for 3.3 now with Object Container Streaming again XD and various updates – This is a summary of Around the Verse – Leg-go.

New Patch Plans
The Object Container Streaming tests with the Evocati are performing much better than anticipated. They are seeing frame rates over 100 in some cases in the PU.
The new release plan is to have an OCS build of 3.3 go to Open PTU at on the 10th of October CitizenCon, this will be instead of a LIVE build BUT will mean all backers will have access to it & it will go to LIVE soon after.
This will mean now we will have a 3.3 build still without Hurston, Loreville and it’s Moons BUT this will now be added much quicker in an incremental patch, much sooner than the 3.3.5 patch was planned.
Recent releases of Patches for Star Citizen have been time based, with the Quarterly Schedule, 3.3 & OCS has obviously had to be a bit more malleable as it was foundational tech and getting it in to increase frame rates and get tested was deemed more important than being “on time”.
OCS is a huge refactor of Star Citizen’s code and is the largest milestone for them to date.

3.4 will still be date drive for the end of the year.
The focus on Object Container Streaming should mean that it’s even more dialed in and better for 3.4 & that the non-OCS branch is a dead branch, so they don’t have to allocate any resources to it.

The Spanish Community Group, the SKAINET group had a 50 player battle in the PU in the current 3.2 build with pretty good results BUT this is going to be AMAZING with OCS.

AtV Updates
They’ve been working on – improvements to the in-game chat system with an updated visor display, new channels & new settings.

VOIP is getting more internal tests as well as being tested by the Evocati, we will see more FOIP and VOIP next week at CitizenCon.

They are fleshing out the new improved scanning system. It differentiates between mineable materials, ships & will continue to expand.

They have a new tool for helping speed up the dev of the game the “Look Development Tool” it allows them at a click of a button to show off a particular prop or model from a room / environment. Then they can freely look around and manipulate the camera, lights, reflections. It is much quicker to show off work for review, share work and gets everyone on the same page.

The game has PBR (Physical Based Rendering), so this tool helps prevent items and lighting that is “out of place” too.

Elevators have been fixed, they’ve been working on transit systems for a while, the new ones SHOULD be OCS ready and mean less people die or get stuck in them.

They’ve got some new Authoring Tools too, that allow them to edit assets much quicker.

They can change stats, data, move UI parts around all at real time.

Previously they had to do a lot of work in a separate program and translate the work over, this takes unnecessary time & doesn’t allow for the same level of editing.

The goal is to move the whole workflow into the game engine, using the same tools to prototype and implement. This could reduce work that would of previously taken weeks, down to days at least in terms of UI and similar work.

They’ve recently rigged a Prosthetic leg that one of the mission givers, Recco Battaglia has in 3.3. A lot of people have previously asked will there be prosthetics for Players if they get injured, this obviously leans towards that being more likely. It does affect the way the character moves and is pretty awesome.

Around The Verse is taking a break next week, as CitizenCon is the day before!