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Star Citizen News Recap | FOIP, Faceware & Monthly Report Highlights

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with a Recap of the weeks goings on, with Roadmap Updates, Calling All Devs & Official CIG Shows n Posts & Highlights of the Monthly Report.

Roadmap & 3.3 Updates
Object Container Streaming & Network Bind Culling have been put back into Alpha 3.3 & instead of a LIVE build on the 10th October they are planning to put a PTU build out for everyone with a game package to play, a LIVE build will follow shortly after.
3.3.5 will still contain Hurston, it’s 4 moons, a Mission Giver & a new clothing line BUT may potentially come out a lot quicker than previously thought.
I am very glad that they were able to get OCS in, it means they don’t have to put any resources into making a non OCS build & people can experience good frame rates, like you were playing a real game.

This weeks RSI Newsletter – Power to the People had a Sneak Peek of a  Claw / Crane
That looks like it may feature around Lorville on Hurston.

CaDs Highlights
We will be able to see and share our Coordinates in the future. They haven’t decided exactly how they want this to happen yet.
The first Salvage Mechanics we have in game will just have us being able to convert salvage into raw materials, it will allow for more features as it evolves, potentially allowing for the extraction of fuel out of a tank before you salvage the rest.
Banu MM -There is some interplay between the Banu MM and Defender that haven’t announced yet. And the MM isn’t going to be super quick, the ship is huge.
Bounty Hunting will be a thing, but they haven’t worked out exactly how players will be disabled and captured, how players will be treated when stunned or imprisoned. They do want to avoid players not being able to play for hours because they are locked up or unconscious, slavery is in the games lore but selling off players probably won’t be a thing.

Around the Verse was just updates/polish to 3.3 & RtV didn’t give us any useful info this week other than one of the mission givers Recco Battaglia in 3.3 has a Prosthetic leg and it’s been rigged, it looks pretty cool & begs the question, will NPCs we hire or in the verse get injuries that mean they need prosthetics & will players get them too?

Next Week’s AtV is cancelled due to CitizenCon.

CitizenCon Info
There were some Tweets from Faceware teasing that FOIP and their Camera was going to be shown off at CitizenCon assumedly.
There tweets suggest that FOIP may be pretty good looking even at this stage in Star Citizen Development.

Monthly Report Highlights
The Monthly Report came out, I’ve made a video covering it and everything else we’ve talked about in a lot more detail buy I’ll Highlight some parts here.

They are Tuning the Economy , with new mineable resources and updated inventories at the new outpost and truck stop locations.

They are trying to set their “gold” standard for NPCs and facial performance of them. In the short term they will have bartenders and patrons in the PUwith schedules, currently they’re polishing their everyday behaviors, including cleaning glasses, carrying drinks to tables, and telling the player they’re busy when in the middle of an action. Players will be able to interact & drink at the bar too.

A couple of new missions at Security Post Kareah have been created: Crusader Security wants the station cleared of outlaws, criminals will want the leaders of competing factions assassinated. Kareah itself has had some big improvements to its layout.

They performed the final polish on the surface of Hurston and its biomes, this will be the first-time players are able to explore lush vegetation covered biomes. Improvements and bug fixes were made to water volumes so they can be used in ships and on planets as designed.

They are currently adding trains and trams, setting up schedules, configuring hangars and garages, making sure the Gates to Lorville are working as intended.

They’ve started looking ahead to the upcoming areas of Stanton – ArcCorp, microTech, and Crusader.

They’ve improved manned turrets, you can turn on/off gyro-stabilization, the input to rotation is 1:1 & there is head look smoothing.

And that’s it for this week, CitizenCon should be a hypefest,, I’ll be having erratic coverage next week, I will get as much 3.3 and CitizenCon video goodness and summary as I can on Wednesday but I’ll also get a Channel Update up on Monday.