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Calling All Devs – Pipeline Delivery Summary

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a summary of Calling All Devs – Pipeline Delivery aired on 15th of October 2018 looking at component failure, development of ships, weapon reloads and giant environmental features.

Can Components Randomly Fail?

Parts and components can randomly fail, the more you use something the more it degrades the more likely that chance is, the chance will start out incredibly tiny tho, it will be adjusted and tweaked as necessary, they want to avoid NEW parts immediately breaking too often. Overpowering, overheating and overclocking will increase the likelihood a component will fail and the rate it degrades.

Cheaper lower quality items are likely to break more often.


Pace of Ship Delivery

A question was asked with the writer saying it looks like at least 7 years (2025) before all of the ships they have planned to be completed, they answered by saying the schedule for all ships including all the planned unannounced ones is significantly shorter than that, nowhere near that in fact.

The pace of ships looks like it has slowed down this year, but that is due to them working on lots of large ships and many ships are being worked on in the background (for SQ42 too).

Priorities change for ships, based on what they feel is needed sooner for the project.

Ships that reuse assets from other ships like the Hammerhead and much easier and quicker to complete. The pipelines getting more improved every month & they are adding more reusable assets for future and current ships.


Weapon Reloads

When reloading weapons, empty/partial magazines & batteries will be put back into your inventory and swapped out for another mag/battery.

Eventually you’ll be able to manage your ammo and inventories better, being able to strip ammo out of a ballistic mag to put into another.

They’d plan for energy weapon’s batteries to recharge from your armor / suit, this would be a very slow process though.


Environmental Features

They can make massive mountains and trenches, 100s of miles if they want.

Making this look good is another challenge.

They are working on ways to allow for steeper areas to look good.

But there is no technical reason they can have have insanely high or deep terrain.

I saw Sean Tracy Post this comparison of the Vanduul from 2014 – 2018, they look quite a bit better.