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Alpha 3.3.0o PTU Patch Notes, Gameplay & Bugs

Welcome to some Star Citizen looking at the Alpha 3.3.0-o PTU Patch Notes & Gameplay, this patch was a bit buggy compared to previous ones, hopefully it will be fixed ASAP.

Feature Updates

  • Updated the registered racers UI to just be a single count for scramble races.
  • Updated UI flow for the waste disposal mission.
  • Visual clean up of Starmap including brightness, materials, and 3D outpost icons.
  • Reduced side to side head-bob while sprinting.
  • Made the tracer on the Karna thicker for better readability.
  • Setup Captain’s dashboard on the Hammerhead.

Bug Fixes

  • The player should no longer be able to be rewarded twice for completed a mission.
  • Scramble races should now properly end when a player wins the race.
  • EVA entry into the Sabre should no longer be misaligned.
  • Players should no longer climb the weapon crate in Star Marine when equipping new weapons.
  • The player’s off-hand should no longer clip through the foregrip of the Custodian while in motion.
  • Finish line and checkpoint barrels for scramble races should no longer appear to stream in late/out early.
  • Players should no longer be counted multiple times if they enter a vehicle inside of the start area of scramble races.
  • Fixed 4 server crashes & 4 client crashes.

Testing Focus

  • Scramble Races
  • FOIP
  • New Ships and Vehicles: Valkyrie, Phoenix, Hammerhead, Mustangs, and Cyclones.
  • Manned turrets.
  • Changes to ship cannons.
  • Power management, overpower, and overclocking ship systems and components.

Major Known Issues:

  • Mission givers may not be functioning correctly.
  • Inviting someone to party via the mG causes a client crash. W/A: Invite via interaction mode.
  • Ships rented from the front-end do not show up in ship selection list.
  • Airlocks lack lighting.
  • Ships are able to quantum travel to locations they do not have enough fuel to reach.

Unfortunately this patch has a load of issues, you randomly take damage while evaing, moving between airlocks and ships, there is a load of desync, characters are in different locations, they don’t get updated, there are what appears to be invisible walls and physics grid problems, you can spawn in the walls on respawning and a variety of random crashing.

It was pretty unplayable, which is a a shame seeing that the previous 3.3.0n patch was actually pretty stable and fun.

It happens occasionally in the PTU where a patch has got thru the sanity check and is terrible, that said the Starmap is magnitudes more responsive and feels a load better to use