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CitizenCon Interviews, 890 Jump & Post Mortem

welcome to some more Star Citizen, I wanted to do a be of house cleaning with some of the CitizenCon content coming out there were various 3rd party interviews with Brian Chambers, Tony Z from Angry Joe, an 890J informational and a bit of a post-mortem from AtV this week that I am going to summarize as a single video now.

Around the Verse – Austin Texas Cakewalk gave us a little bit of CitizenCon afterthoughts:

Henry Cavill (The Current Superman) was revealed as a character in Squadron 42 they they had been keeping under wraps for like 2 years and apparently there are other surprizes still with the cast!

They were super happy with the response from the new Squadron 42 Trailer

Some Mark Hamill fans thought it was a movie or netflix series and were congratulating him.

The hair, skin and models are much better and in some cases closer to what the actors look like than previous work, they will continue to get better looking in the run up to SQ42s release.

The Roadmap release for Squadron 42, won’t spoil story, they are always aware that ….

CitizenCon was the biggest community celebration to date.

They had actors for the booths at the event, who didn’t break character and added to the events immersion, it was cool rather than cringe… how often can I say that?


890 Jump – The 890 Jump Club asked John Crewe a variety of questions on the 890:

The ship is now just shy of 200m long.

It has 4 guest suites, 2 on the atrium deck & 2 on the deck above.

There is a Battle Bridge at the Core of the ship, this is like a “safe room” where you can fight and control the ship pretty remotely.

Just like many other large ships it can have some level of command and control gameplay BUT doesn’t have the Holosphere like the Idris does.

Cargo Capacity is a few hundred SCU.

The Ship will have a range of Capital Class Components

Combat wise the 890J is more defensive than heavily armed.

The ship will be slower than a Polaris. Though just like everything else this will be balanced out in the future.

It should be good at exploring like the 600i Explorer BUT has a bigger radar too.

The Ships Point Defensive System it was originally listed as having is being converted into 2 remote turrets (that can be AI controlled via Computer Blades).

It has a large pool, a relaxing grotto & potentially a full spa.

The 890 has as many as 30 fixed thrusters, so it should be maneuverable even in atmospheric flight.

The ship will fit at least 2x 85x Luxury Shuttles in it’s hangar, potentially this could be swapped for a a single larger ship.


Atlas Defense Interview – Interviewed Brian Chambers about general development & Procedural Planet Tech:

The Frankfurt Studio started with 9 people 3 years ago.

They are currently at 82 people now. They might have room for an additional 12+ people in the short term.

There are various biomes, vegetation and the like that we haven’t seen yet that Frankfurt has been working on.

Technology wise they will absorb and use any tech that is sensible for them to use.

Habs will allow for the player base to rent apartments on planets and large cities.

There procedural tech allows them to bring more hab blocks as needed for more and more players.

Swimming is confirmed for players and NPCs & they have discussed some of the underwater exploration elements.

Various disciplines have to come together to make water interactable.

Rest Stops have had a range of modular pieces that the procedural tech then assembles into a sensible useful space station.

Tools, Efficiency and Automation have been and are key to Star Citizen’s Development.

As is backer feedback and support.

VFX, biome & weather effects are part of the procedural planetary system too.


Angry Joe Interview – The interview covered some very basic SC Questions at the Start with Brian Chambers but later in the video he talks to Tony Zurovec and there was some interesting info there:

Insurance will mean that you have to worry a bit less about your ship exploding or being stolen. If something happens to your ship you can go to the insurance office, then make a claim on the ship, that will then mark the ship as stolen if someone else has it.

If that ship is scanned, the authorities or bounty hunters will be cleared to engaged.

Larger ships are like the Idris or Kraken are intended to be bought groups of players.

You will be able to rent ships in 3.3.5 BUT also in the full game, you can test out those ships OR use them for some missions at their rental cost.

Tony Z did suggest that you may be able to have an in game pay in chunks, or daily/weekly whatever towards your ship, kind of getting it on higher purchase NOT just rent, a ship mortgage.

There will be various anti-theft and lock devices to help prevent people easily stealing ships.

Stolen ships won’t be able to make use of lawful stations services.

If you keep filing claims, then you may have to waiting longer and longer for your ship to be replaced.

Capital ships may take days or longer to replace.

When players get bounties on their heads that are significant enough the game will generate missions for NPCs and players to go after them.

They talked about having rescue services, that are super basic, pick you up after a few mins if players are in a pinch and there is no-one else there even on Service Beacons to help you, basically so you don’t have to suicide.