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KRAKEN $1400 & FAQ Summary

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with some additional information on the Kraken, it’s price, the Q&A & it’s waved sales:

The Kraken’s price has been revealed as $1400 warbond and $1650 credit, both with LTI.

The Kraken is now on sale in waves to backers that expressed interest in it.

There look to be 7 waves with each wave getting access to the sale a bit later than the last one with every-wave having till October 31st 7am UTC before the sale is over.

It’s an interesting way to sell the ship, the hulls are extremely limited, potentially if they didn’t sell them all then they might go on sale briefly to everyone.

There isn’t a hard number shown of how many Kraken Hulls are available BUT at best guess 2000 – 3000.

Can you spawn ships from the Kraken?

When you spawn your Kraken, you will be able to spawn ships in/on it if you own them, but beyond that point no other ships can be spawned dynamically on-board. It is similar to how the Constellation will be able to have a ground vehicle within when spawned but is unable to spawn another ground vehicle in the hold, mid-flight. Players landing on the ship during game-play will have their ships permanently on the pad.

What if the Kraken Owner Logs off

The Kraken will follow the same rule-set as the persistent bed log off system we current have in game, if the owner of the Kraken logs off and there are no other players on-board, then it will be despawned. If there are still players on-board, then the Kraken and ships on-board will persist. If a player lands their ship on a Kraken, then proceeds to log off, their ship will persist with the Kraken until the point the Kraken is despawned or destroyed, at which point if the player then rejoins they will either have it respawn at the point the Kraken was or have to reclaim it in the event it was destroyed.

The Kraken’s shields cover the hull of the ship and do not cover the ships or people that may be on the exposed landing pads. Ships contained inside the Hangars are covered by the shields. With the improvements to shield tech coming with Single Distance Field in the future, the projected bubble people currently see will be removed with a more hull wrapping projection of shield energy.

The Kraken is, in many ways, a mobile base. This means it is able to refuel, restock and repair ships that have landed on it but these resources must be taken from the Kraken’s stores, so you will need to make sure you have the correct parts in stock.

You’ll be able to Quantum with ships parked on the deck. Quantum drives in our universe create a little bubble around the ship to move it and protects outward to cover those in very close proximity to the hull.

For People on the deck on foot, QT could be dangerous tho.
The current design for Quantum Travel requires all the doors to be shut before the Quantum Drive can be initiated, with no requirements beyond that, such as checking for maximum ship amounts. The Kraken can therefore quantum travel with a full complement of ships (8 + 4 Dragonflies), although as mentioned earlier, being on deck is a risky proposition.

You’ll be able to land on the Kraken while it’s moving & there will be automated landing options.

The Kraken is substantially less sturdy than the Idris and other dedicated military ships that are expected to face direct heavy or capital-scale firepower.

The Ship has no escape pods.

The Kraken can only equip Civilian and Industrial items and comes with Civilian Grade C items by default.

The Cargo bay may have some modular customization in the future.

You’ll be able to move cargo from the cargo hold to ships or between ships and there is an internal tram to assist with that.

The Kraken can land planet side and has multiple VTOL thrusters BUT it’s expected to fair poorly in atmosphere, the ship is huge, it does like the ground.

The Kraken has guest accomodation for pilots that are making use of the ships refuel, rearm and repair services – There are onboard accommodation rooms to cover 1-2 players per landing pad. These are basic habs like you’d find at GrimHex and provide somewhere to rest, change, and sleep. There are no dedicated facilities like bars or trading areas on-board at this time.

I was thinking about this for a while, was I going to buy a Kraken or melt some ships down for it. I’ve decided not to as I already have ships like the Javelin & Endevor (with it’s hangar) & the Kraken is more likely to help me justify spending more on space-ships XD as I have more space for them… In a bad way XD.

It’s one that I will be trying to get in game with a group certainly, but for more it’s only something Orgs should consider.

Really cool ship, we’ve wanted a light carrier & mobile base for ages and now we have one.