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Star Citizen Updates | Banu Ships & Referral Rewards

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, I’m going to try rolling in a mini-news, coming this week and Calling All Devs Summary all into a single video as it makes sense, at least to me. We’re talking about Referral Rewards, what’s happening this week and Calling All Devs Practical Behaviors – that looked at player freedom in cities, animations for inner-thought, Banu Ship Inter-Gameplay & physicalized Components with item system 2.0.

Referral Rewards for 75 Referrals and beyond have now been attributed to accounts.

Referral ships appear to have LTI too & are CCU-able. Players will the Gladius and Gold 10 Referral Reward unlocked I believe that in the future this will be given LTI as per this statement


Coming This Week

This week we are getting the Valkyrie Q&A on Wednesday.

Thursdays AtV will be the 2nd part of the CitizenCon Gameplay breakdown & tech behind that.

Friday sees a RtV with Sean Tracy and Josh Herman will follow up on the “What a Bunch of Characters” and “Breathing Life into Content with Physics” panels from CitizenCon, below is the link to pose them a question.

Looks like we will have to wait until next week for The Monthly Report.

There is no release date for 3.3 currently, the 3.3.0v PTU is out now and available to all backers with a game package. My guess-expectation for a LIVE 3.3 release is Friday the 9th of November.

3 contests just ended as well:

To make a Mustang Commercial, Star Citizen Pumpkin Carving and FOIP Scary/Scared Face. I’ll update at some point with the winners and their entries once we have them


Calling All Devs – Practical Behaviors
The stamina system and the risk of injury are some of the ways they intend for players to behave in a more realistic manner at Hubs and Cities.
The idea is, they are less likely to jump off tall buildings or take odd shortcuts, try and bunny hop around if they could injure themselves or die from falling.
Also running / jumping for too long will cause you to lose stamina so you can’t constantly jump everywhere or try to bunny hop… tho some players still will!
I am of the try to do everything by skill based movement, even in games that don’t support it!
Other than that, players can run around and do what they want.
Moving faster and losing less stamina will be a feature of wearing clothing, so you might see players more likely to be out of their armor in these hub areas.

There are no plans for sleeping bags, tents or otherwise mobile habs beyond ships & vehicles that have them. Players are encouraged to log out at habs, outpost and beds.

Inner-thought interaction animations will be a thing.
They want animations for when you decide to push buttons.
With cockpits they want this as tactile as possible, flicking buttons, switches, these will all be animated.
They use an IK system for this, allowing them to use animations in a variety of different positions and circumstances. It effectively retargets a movement, so you can have these for all the different cockpits, without a huge amount of work.

They are looking at the next steps of the Ground Combat & FPS AI and getting their current behaviors tweaked, trying to make them feel less gamey and more dynamic.
Jukes and Movement of these characters is important as they need to look realistic but also be effective enemies.

Banu – The Defender (it was confirmed to me recently that the original name for the ship was going to be the minuteman, which I actually like more)  is being built in Austin, the MM in the UK. There is planned interplay between the 2 ships. Once they have built out the defender, they will lock those plans down and talk about them publicly. But the Defender is designed to defend and work well with the Merchantman.

This quarter, starting with the Terrapin, placing actual components in it and hooking all the components up so they are functional and working with item system 2.0. Basically this is the first step of physicalizing all components within ships.
They had some technical issues previously which they are resolving.
They are then adding the interaction to those items, so picking up generators and appropriate sized systems, inspecting them, turning them around, placing them in different slots or storing them as cargo.
Disconnecting an item will mean the ship loses the functionality that it provided, you can swap in other components you had brought with you tho.
This is part of repair gameplay. The fuller functionality of all of this will be coming next year.
The Terrapin will be used to get all this tech working first.